One of the most common problems of Android phones is low internal memory. Most of the low-end Android devices have only 190 MB of internal memory. After installing some apps, you will get a notification which shows that your internal memory is getting low.

You can get rid of this notification by using a MOD : Darktremor A2SD. It basically transfers some parts of the App to the SD card partition thus saving your internal memory. Link2Sd does the same thing. However it doesn’t work on all devices, so Darktremor A2SD  can be used as an alternative.


This tutorial will be divided into 2 parts. First part will be about partitioning your SD card and the Second will be about installing the Darktremor A2SD MOD.


  • After installing Darktremor Apps2SD do NOT move your apps to SD card either from “Settings>>Manage Applications” or by using “app2sd pro” or similar applications because it will ruin all your settings and your script will not work.
  • Use this script for custom ROMs only. Stock ROMs do not support this script.
  • This script will NOT work for ICS and Jellybean phones. Android 4.0 and above can use Link2Sd.

Requirements for installing A2SD:

  1. A Rooted Android device.
  2. Custom Recovery.(If you don’t have one, then refer to ourRecovery-X article)
  3. Sdcard partition.
  4. Darktremor A2SD script.

Part 1 – Partition your SD card.

  1. You will loose your SD card data. So backup your SDcard contents on your pc.
  2. Go to custom recovery and make a Nandroid backup. (Optional)
  3. Go to Advance>>Partition SD Card option on your recovery and select a size for ext 3 partition. This will create an ext3 file system partition on your sd card called sd-ext. The size of your sd-ext partition should be determined on the basis of how much apps and games you are going to install on your device. You can select upto 2GB.
  4. Also, select swap partition size as 0 MB.

Your SD card is partitioned successfully.

Part 2 – Install the darktremor A2SD script.

  1.  Now download Darktremor Apps2SD and copy it to your SDcard.
  2.  Reboot your device in recovery and then mount your data and system by going to mounts and storage>>mount /data and mounts and storage>>mount /system options respectively.
  3. Clear the cache and dalvik cache.
  4. Now go back to main menu and go to install zip from sd>>choose zip from sdcard option and select the file you downloaded from Step 1.
  5. After the script is installed, reboot your device.

You have successfully installed darktremor A2SD. Also if you want to manage your Apps2SD settings you can use commands in Terminal Emulator. One of the useful command can be a2sd help. Try it on any terminal to see the help file that comes with Darktremor A2SD.

Some commands that you can run in Terminal Emulator for configuring A2SD

  • a2sd check : Checks a2sd status; displays information incl. where your apps, cache and data are stored.
  • a2sd cachesd : Moves dalvik cache to sd-ext partition.
  • a2sd nocache : Moves dalvik cache back to internal storage.
  • a2sd datasd : Move /data/data to /sd-ext/data .
  • a2sd nodata : Move /sd-ext/data back to internal storage.
  • a2sd remove : Moves apps back to internal storage and sets no a2sd flag.

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