Keeping Widgets on the home-screen is a unique feature present in the Android devices. Many apps on the Google Play Store have Widgets. The Weather Widgets are most popular among these. It shows all the information like the current location, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, the current temperature and so on. This Weather Widget is seen on the home-screen. The users running on the Android Jelly Bean version have an alternate option to have the Weather Information on the notification bar. To achieve this, an app named Notification Weather will have to be used.

Weather Widget

This app is very useful when an individual is looking for nothing more than quick access to your current local weather conditions and forecast for the next few days. There are no unnecessary animations, no multiple city support, no unnecessary bells and whistles- just provided is the local weather information and forecast in black and white and it looks great. It’s simplicity is the best thing. Notification Weather displays the current weather conditions and a 4 day forecast in the Android notification shade. The different options in this app include Weather Provider, setting manual or GPS location, metric or imperial units, setting an update interval and an optional 4-day forecast.

 Weather Wiget Pro

The Pro Version of this app (Notification Weather Pro) has some additional features that are not present in the free version. These include refresh button in notification (no need to open settings), progress bar in notification, no notification icon, transparent notification icon, swipe notification to dismiss, 12/24 hour switch.

There are a few shortcomings in this app. The app currently doesn’t take the time of day into account for all weather condition images, and shows the sun peeking from behind the clouds even at night. However this is not a major issue and the developers are looking for a solution in the future versions of this app. Also some devices are experiencing errors with auto detect location. To fix this error the user has to open maps and wait until the notification changes from “Searching for GPS” to “Location set by GPS”. This can sometimes take up to 5 minutes.

Download Notification Weather from here.
Download Notification Weather Pro from here.

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