The launch of Ice Cream Sandwich bought with it many amazing features. Phone security has always been a point of discussion among android users. Some prefer the traditional pin while some prefer the pattern unlock. While few don’t believe in screen locking at all. ICS certainly bought with it a unique solution that is face unlock i.e. facial recognition. This features makes even more sense with Jellybean 4.2’s multiple user environment. As the name suggests facial recognition lock, requires you to scan your face by the device’s camera to unlock the device.

Face Unlock Android

Obviously like all other facial recognition softwares available for desktop and laptops, this isnt perfected yet. It does fail sometimes. It gives false negatives, but never false positives. That’s a good thing as no one will have unauthorized access to your device, but the device may lock you out of your own device. But do not worry Google has thought this through. There is a backup password that needs to be set while setting up face unlock.

Facial unlock is only available in devices that have a front facing camera and Android version 4.0 and above.

Here is a short tutorial to set up facial unlock on your device running ICS or Jellybean:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Under the interface tab, Select lock screen option
  3. Select Screen Security > Screen Lock > Face Unlock.
  4. Then select Set it up > Continue.
  5. Now you have to register your face to the system make sure you are indoors and hold the phone at eye level. Avoid too bright or too dark places.
  6. Once the face is registered you will be asked to set up a backup password.
  7. Now lock your device and unlock it using facial recognition, in case it fails just enter your backup password you set earlier.

It takes some time for the facial recognition engine to get used to your face, so it may not recognize your face for the first few times, but later it works like clockwork.

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