Usually it’s a tedious task of select favourite contacts from the phone app. This is because it takes around three taps to end up on the calling screen. However, it would greatly reduce the hassle if we could simply choose the respective contact from the Homescreen.

To facilitate this aspect, you will have to download the iPhone Configuration Utility. This software is dedicated towards enterprise device management which is developed by Apple. The Windows version can be downloaded from here & the Mac version from here. After you install these specific apps, you will need to follow the steps that are assigned below.



  1. Initially, you will need to open iPhone Configuration Utility. Next, choose the “Configuration Profiles” label which is present on the left.
  2. Hereafter, select “New” to create a new profile constituting the default values.
  3. Afterwards fill the respective fields’ existent in the profile & enter “com.yourname.profile” as the identifier. Also, fill in a brief description which aids in explaining the overall purpose of this profile.
  4. Thereafter you will have to scroll down to the bottom and find Web Clips. Once you find it, tap on it and choose “Configure”. Here displayable are the various set of fields in which you will have to fill in values.
  5. Next in the name field here, you should enter the contact name that you’d like to call. Subsequently in the URL field, enter “tel://” and type in the phone number. Moreover, you can select the particular icon which will appear on your iPhone’s homescreen as you want it to be viewable. Later, enable the “full screen” checkbox.
  6. Succeeding these steps now, connect your iphone via USB cable and patiently wait for it to be seen under devices at the left. When it does, you should select “Configuration Profiles” tab that is present on the right. If you have performed the aforementioned steps in perfectly fine manner, then you can view the configuration profile that was created. Also seen is install button on the contacts-iPhone homescreen
  7. Tap on the install button and hereafter the iPhone should automatically get unlocked. Next, the individual is directed to a screen which asks for permission in order to install the profile. After you perform this activity, the icon is seen alonwith the name that was previously mentioned.
  8. Eventually, tap on this icon and it opens a web view providing an alert asking you that whether you want to confirm and proceed with respect to the call. After you confirm the same, then the call is placed.

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