Jailbreaking an iOS has its fair share of benefits and utilities. The availability of employing customization on devices and altering and tinkering with specific areas of the device presents an advantageous outlook. Having the option of tweaking by performing operations & trying out certain tips and tricks, the users are benefited in a large way by improving the customization aspect on your iOS device.

Along these lines, a new tweak by the name of Gotha iPhone and iPod touch tweak comes in sight for featuring a new gesture based initiative in relation to Contacts and Phone app on the device. Gotha provides a gesture based user-experience along with the facilitation of different social outlets. This can be made available directly through the native Contacts app on the iPhone and iPod touch and several users are allowed to perform left and right swipes for invoking newer actions. Such actions assist in introducing different methods for interaction with the address book entities.Gotha for iPhone

At present, let’s turn our attention to the right swipe gesture. After you open the Contacts app or the Phone app and select the Contacts option, you are allowed for a new right swipe gesture on each and every contacts cell. Once a swipe is detected, the contact name simply gets faded out and is replaced with a new containing view which presents integration with a number of social interaction buttons.
The user here possesses the option to select from a Twitter, Facebook, Messages and Safari button for navigating to the specific social page for that contact.

Facilitating a left hand swipe will assist the progress in deleting a contact directly from the root of the Contacts app. Thus, this is an advantageous method to simplify our tasks. Although Gotha presents a variety of features, some more logic detection during the time that a right swipe is performed can be considered to be a good operation.

Moreover, rather than presenting up an error alert, it can be more relevant by just showing options which actually constitute the stored information.Gotha for iPhone

This tweak can be downloaded from the ModMyi repository. Gotha is priced at $1.99 and requires a jailbroken device that runs iOS 5.0 or above. Gotha is not compatible for iPads.

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