The latest upgrade to the Android, 4.3 version, was unveiled¬†yesterday. In an article by Lazy Smurf we had covered the basic features introduced by Google for Android 4.3. However, we take a look at some features with weren’t officially announced, but you will notice them in the upgrade:

Emoji Keyboard

This has been missing in Android for quite sometime. The Emoji support in Google Hangouts was a step into introducing Emoji into Android. Now you will get a¬†dedicated Emoji keyboard to express your thoughts in the form of Smileys. You can select this keyboard under “Language & Input” Setting.

Autocomplete in Phone dialer

Though this new feature may not excite everyone, it is a good improvement. The reality being that most custom firmware like Samsung’s already has this feature and hence it will come unnoticed to masses.

Wi-Fi Scan only mode:

This feature can help you conserve battery and yet will allow Google Location Service to track your Location thus improving your personalized experience. This mode will allow Google Location services to work even when your Wi-Fi is turned off.

Notification access by apps:

This facility empowers the app to manage your notifications on your status bar. You can also reroute these notifications to the nearest bluetooth devices. You can also dismiss or update the notifications as needed.

Though the upgrades may not seem drastic Google is not making any huge changes to prevent further fragmentation amoung Android device. Currently many devices are yet running on the ancient Gingerbread(2.3) and many companies are yet to catchup on the latest Android Jellybean 4.2! So delaying the launch of the performance oriented Key Lime Pie 5.0 is in the benefit of android users in the long run.


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