The ground plan devised by Acer was banished away by Google. This dislodging phenomenon is a resultant due to the stratagem as that was planned by Acer in the days of the yore. Previously, there were certain plans to drive through a project to have a customized version of its Cloud Mobile Smartphone in China. Acer wanted to set in motion a customized version on the all ready device that ran Alibaba’s Aliyun OS.

Acer Smartphone with Aliyun OS

Corresponding idea was to shifting to Aliyun OS than the traditional Android that was running on the phone elsewhere. But, an intention to expand mobile’s market share with the purpose of shifting to Aliyun OS was considered to be a smart idea. However, Google refuted the idea and with snippets from a Acer spokesperson it was highlighted that Google reportedly threatened to terminate the product cooperation and related technical authorization. Such stringent measures and compelling phenomenon’s rise derailed the overall process that Acer had originally planned to go forth ahead with.

Aliyun Mobile OS

With the machination in a dicey situation, there has been no information presented as to why this week’s launch party was aborted.

The reasons for this denial of the proposition are ascertained to relating to Google’s position and in comparison with China’s vast gargantuan mobile market. The suppositional inference derived out is that to mark its own hallmarking presence in the market, it was a loud and clear evidence to nullify the intent and butcher the Aliyun Cloud Mobile.

Aliyun OS phone

It’s a tactical marketing brain game played by Aliyun with respect to the demolition of the plan. The reported scuttlebutts that are ostentatiously put ahead by the company include a statement mentioning the delayed exhibition of the launch and not entire cancellation on the same. So rumors are strife, we could also see Ace producing Aliyun phone for China.

A speculation that is running strife that these companies were the ones to have first generation Chrome OS developed, and with this eradication on the plan raises a question on the co-operation levels in between these technological giants. Looking spectacularly at the moment of reckoning, there are plenty of Android tablets, smartphones by the Taiwanese company it is clear evidence that signifies the groundwork and the fulcrum that companies will work in synergy and collaboration.

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