Based on reports released by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service database, several purported images illustrate the Tizen user interface. However, at present there is no accuracy on whether these images happen to be of the “new” or latest version of the interface, but it is reckoned that these leaked itemizations reveal newer designs than the batch of images seen previously.Tizen-UI
The purported pictorial depictions present a wide array of apps like dialer, Contacts, Messenger, Calendar and it displays a neat appearance of the newfangled platform in its own way. Also the notification area makes its appearance and this UI atleast appears little better than the old dry TouchWiz design which is available on Android devices released by Samsung . therefore its believed that this design will encompass large elements during the time that smartphones running Tizen OS are launched over a period of time.Tizen-UI

Additionally viewable are certain functionalities which appear replicative of the TouchWiz interface. This is seen in the notification bar icons. Other TouchWiz features like Driving Mode and S-Beam also come into sight. It is belived that Samsung is working on improving this newfangled OS by integrating Samsung’s features that are available on the Android platform currently. Hence it wont be a surprise if the Tizen OS heavily features in a variety of features seen on Android.Tizen-UI

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