After the blunder of Apple Maps, Apple was prompt in apologizing it’s customers for the poor functionality of Apple Maps. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple inc., has posted an apologetic note on the official Apple website.  Here is a snippet from it:

Apology Note by Apple

The poor GUI and limited functionality has made apple maps a complete blunder by Apple.

By removing the Google Maps app for iOS, Apple has deprived it’s customers from quality Location services. These are a few methods by which iOS 6 users can continue to enjoy map services.

1. Google Maps Web app

In an earlier article we had explained Google maps web app in detail. With the addition of street view to Google maps web app you can use the app just like the iOS Google maps app. Just log on to the site from safari. For easy access simply make a shortcut of the link onto the icon panel.

Google maps web app

2. Maps+

Maps+ is a free app available on the itunes app store. Maps+ is based on the Google data and hence it  is reliable as well as extremely functional. Other than the features available on Google Maps, Maps+ adds a set of powerful features to make it a very good replacement for apple maps. With features like satellite view, directions, cycle routes, etc. it is a fantastic replacement for the native maps app.


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