Staying updated with the happenings around the world is indeed is a necessitated desideratum. It is also essential to improve the understanding around the incidents that surround the current order of the day. With the advancements in the continual technological developments & improvements made in the efficiency of the Smartphones, aggregations of added benefits get tagged along with the particular devices. Staying acquainted with the trending news, reactions to the on-going events is indeed an important juncture in the part and parcel of life & sometimes these orders of events stand out as the highlight during the course of the day.

As the development of apps ascends by with the each passing day, we get presented with certain arrivals that catch the glimpse of the eyes. An application acting as a finest news source on the device can prove an advantageous fact, & so this specific app does the trick being presented with a simple & easy to access conceptualization.

The application that stands out in this regard is the Onion which is basically known as the Onion News Network for Android.The Onion News Network

The specific application is bestowed with a variety of comedy news that gets originated for the public view and which acts as a refreshing change from the normal headlines. It is observed that of one can enjoy the humor that is dished out for its users; they are bound to have a good time at the end of it.

Other than the aforementioned aspects, the disclosed news items from the application include a display of the recent disclosures. Additionally, a filter option is available which can aid the user in filtering the articles to display the articles, videos, images, or sports articles. Furthermore, feasibility is also provided to catch a glimpse of the individual’s starred or “favorite” articles. Also, stories from the app can be shared elsewhere.

An interesting feature that is presented out involves the random presentation of an article upon the shake of the handset. This is possible after one enables the shuffle mode (present in the top right corner). The dependency on YouTube isn’t existent with the videos played on a separate individualistic program by the app. With further observation, it is regarded that the Speedy Gonzales loads the specific video in 3 seconds with a faster connectivity. Thus, emphasizing the aspect over YouTube. The best part includes having no ads before every video.

To sum it all, it is an advantageous application that serves fruitful in our quest for browsing for the latest news or items related to the ongoing events. This particular application is available on both platforms, hence it can be downloaded to both iPhone and the Android devices.

For Android: Download here

For iPhone: Download here

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