As a new festive season marks its arrival, shopping becomes the need of the hour. The best way would be to have control over all this over a handheld device that can provide us with the capabilities and entirely act as a whole length measure at the tip of our hands. The indicated particularizations have been integrated by UK chemist “Boots” who has released a timely announcement before the festive shopping takes center stage.

boots christmasapp video gift tags

This app is available for the Android and the iPhone and compasses various features through which a user can benefit on the same. Previously mentioned application Boots Christmas can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

Putting to use the app provides scanning on the QR code which includes a special “Video Gift Tag”. This is pressed into service by some larger Boots stores. After the aforementioned situation is carried out, then we are presented with the option that from using our smartphone a video message can be recorded. The already stated message then is played after the recipient points at that similar QR code using their own handheld device. This peculiarity stands out widely surfacing above the rest to provide a unique mechanism to the whole process.

Another notability that takes the glimpse of the eye highlights the manner in which a message can be viewed on the internet. Thus, the already stated app is of a significant use and acts a splendid option when wishing our family, friends irrespective of the place they stay in.

A different gimmick includes the Gift List function. This is an interesting proportion along with the previously described exercising. This phenomenon aids in matching gifts with the people as presented in their contact list. Not only this is done, presented along are gift ideas which have a specific criteria that is set for gift selection. Hence, searching with characteristic tags for a clear cut purpose can serve good in such instances. For Example, a search of under £10 ends up displaying socks and other small items that are available in that range. The valuable additional attribute include the bar code scanner that helps in the registration of items in store or after one has bought the same.

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