HTC One Mini has received the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update alongwith the facilitation of the HTC Sense 5.5 upgrade. These enhancements are being made available in a combined package which will prove to be an advantageous resource for the users.HTC One Mini

The rolling out of these software upgrades promises to be a boon for the HTC One mini owners, who can take advantage of these updates over the festive period. Individuals will be benefitted to an improved BlinkFeed with Instagram, Google+ with the availability of offline viewing mode.

Other improvements include improvements supplemented to the UltraPixel camera which has been enhanced to provide better focus and exposure while taking photos. Additionally, the number of Video highlights have been doubled, which allows for easy viewing at a glance and users are also provisioned with better customizable opportunities with the option to customize these specific galleries with the individual’s favourite tracks.

With the arrival of the Sense update, users will be assisted with specific channel listings with the addition of the HTC Sense TV with the newly available update. The app will allow for sorting these channel listings to generate similar balance with the one that is present on your TV or set-top box. Such utilities will serve valuable over the Christmas period as users can stay glued to their favorite shows.

The particularized over-the-air update will start rolling out across UK today.

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