The upgrade that surfaced up names as Jelly Bean manifested a minor update over the previous version and there was speculation regarding the next version. With reports from various discoveries, its arrival date is expected to be announced in February or March with the release to follow later in May-June 2013.

A depiction of the test results of the NenaMark2 benchmarks charts has revealed the mysterious device Sony LT30i was caught sight of running the operating system listed as Android 5.0. This is regarded as the major release with respect to the major innovation levels in store for this version.


The legitimacy of the information or the truth on the story is yet to be dished out; but from a statement released by NenaMark2 it has been observed that Sony LT30i has been spotted running Android 5.0. Hence it’s a rumor that Sony and Google are testing Android 5.0. According to various hearsays that surround the news, there have been dispatchments that Song maybe regarded as the next manufacturer next Nexus handset, after LG with the Nexus 4 and Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus.

This benchmark can also be thought to be as completely fake as no concrete information has surfaced up and it was tested on an unheard model. There is nothing substantial as of yet to prove the same, but a pictorial description is available with respect to the current scenario.

It is regarded that only if the rumor is expected to true, this model will be a version of the Sony Xperia T, as it carries the Sony LT30 model number.  The specifications are understood to be featuring 1.6GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 chip with Adreno 220 graphics. The display emphasizes of unknown size with a 720p resolution. The announcement about Android’s next version from tidings report that it is expected around March-April next year.

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