Usually it is an irritating aspect with respect to your handset’s ringtone acting as the standout noise highlighting element in various cases. Thus can get embarrassing in instances when there is complete silence or during serious situations where disturbance is detrimental in some critical situations. However, this can be easily tackled if the device is put on silent. But sometimes this is a forgotten aspect during the time that the individuals are busy or something.

Along these lines, here we emphasize our interest on two unique apps which devise the methodology in automatically detecting the surrounding noise level. Also, the particular phone ringtone volume can be adjusted accordingly.Intelligent-Ringer

Intelligent Ringer:


This app focuses on analyzing the ambient noise level of the user’s respective surroundings by simply utilizing the device’s microphone. This is useful in automatically setting the specific incoming call volume on the basis of that. Moreover, the volume levels are largely divided into 7 parts with 1 as the lowest. After you install this specific app, it performs a compatibility check on your device. If the particular device works fine, then the individual is prompted to view a Start and Stop button to enable or disable the app. This can be downloaded from here.Intelligent-Ringer-2

Hereafter the user can configure some advanced options like Pocket factor in the Settings menu. This is helpful in automatically detecting whether the device is in the user’s pockets and thus aids in increasing ringtone’s volume accordingly. But, this can turn out to be misleading during some scenarios if he/she is in the meeting at that point of time. This particular aspect uses the phone’s proximity sensor without allowing any break which can be prove demanding over the course of time on the device battery.



IntelliRing provisions out some basic properties of Intelligent Ringer and some of the other properties as well. This app is responsible in guessing whether the device is in the pocket or during the time it is on on the table stand. Thus the app helps on switching between loud ringtones and single beep. Another beneficial aspect is that this particular application helps in working on the notification sounds & such a facility can be used in silencing the phone completely for regulated amount of time.

The fully functional 30 days trial can be tried by the user before he/she purchases this app. Also, the premium version is priced at $1.99 only. This can be downloaded from here.

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