Android M was announced a few days back and subsequently its Developer Preview was released. Now Google has rolled out the Developer Preview 2 and it has brought about some new features. The app drawer has been revamped and status bar is more customised.

The first Developer Preview had vertical scrolling in the app drawer with alphabets written on the sides. After a mixed feedback, Google has decided to do away with the alphabets. It is also possible to rotate the homescreen now.

Google has update the System UI TunerĀ in this update. In the first Developer Preview, thisĀ made it easy to tweak what icons showed up on the quick settings menu. Now Google has added the same feature for the status bar as well.


Another feature added is the Demo mode, which will only show the battery icon and the cellular icon giving you a very clean status bar.

Google has decided to release the Developer Preview in iterations and as more Previews are released, we will get to know more features of Android M.

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