Android N is the next version of Android. Google will officially unveil it at the next Google I/O in the form of Developer Preview. But before the Google I/O, it seems someone accidentally uploaded the Developer Previews on the Google Developer website. It was taken down soon, but we have cached copy! Using this cached copy, we got to know some of the new features of Android N.


Multi-Window was first seen in the Samsung Note series. It was also teased in the Android M Developer Preview but Google decided to defer the feature. It is similar to the one seen in Galaxy Note series. Developers would need to opt-in their apps for split screen compatibility by targeting Android N, along with how their app needs to behave. This includes setting the minimum allowable dimensions as well as how the activity scaling should occur.

New Notification Panel

Android N will have a revamped notification panel. It will have some of the standard toggles like WiFi, Battery, Torch, etc. Other toggles can be accessed by clicking the “Down” arrow. QuickReply is also another added feature but there were some apps/ROMs which already supported this feature. Using QuickReply, you can reply to messages in the notification bar without having to open the app.

Updated Doze

Android N will see an update in the Doze feature which made its debut with Android M. Doze will be activated right when the screen turns off rather than wait for a set of conditions that indicated that the phone was stationary and unused. The exact workings of Doze v2 is unknown, but it is being speculated that the screen off profile for Doze would be more lenient in handling apps as compared to the stationary profile (the current Doze).

The Developer Preview is not the final version and we might see some additional features added too. One bad news for Nexus 5 users is that Google will stop official support for Nexus 5 starting with Android N.

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