Android Marshmallow was released last year, so this year we expect Google to announce the next version of Android. It is codenamed Android N and its name will be a sweet which will start from N as Google has followed this policy since Android’s inception. Android N is still under development but we have a leaked feature of the next version.

A screenshot from a discussion about Android Support Library v23.2 shows a hamburger button in the Bluetooth settings section that currently does not exist on Android 6.0 Marshmallow hinting that it can be seen in Android N. This option will make it much easier to jump back and forth through different settings, without having to return to the main settings.

The pic shows the “Hamburger” button on the Bluetooth menu but one can expect this to be present on all the options.

Google I/O will be held in May this year, where they will reveal Android N. It wont be a full release as we expect Developer previews first and then the full versions.

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