Windows Phone has recently collected a lot og momentum after the launch of Windows Phone 8. You can see the a selection of few WP8 devices in this Christmas buying article. Though WP8 is still in it’s nascent stage, it has to be credited with its unique live tiles format. The Windows Phone’s style has appealed to many. At the time when Windows Phone 7 was launched many developers rushed to recreate the WP7 visuals on Android. When some were just cheap imitations some were really successful in it.


Android has a huge advantage over all other platforms, that is ability to completely modify the look and feel of your device. It’s ability to completely overhaul the looks of the firmware are unparalleled. Some modifications are very complex where as some just require you to download an app from Google Play Store. Android’s home is nothing, but an app that is commonly called as a “Launcher”. Each company’s firmware has it’s own unique launcher which enables it to provide users with their unique user experience. Many custom launchers are available in the market that can be used to replace the stock launchers.
WP8 on Android Launcher8
This modification is nothing, but a launcher app that completely changes the look and feel of your device and makes it look like a WP8 device. The app is called as Launcher8 developed by QiHang Dev Team. It is the best WP8 styled launcher present in Google Play. Period!

Launcher8 - App list


  1. FREE of cost.
  2. Live tiles that can be configured as per your need. Live tiles show number of Missed Calls, SMS, Contact pictures, etc.
  3. Impossible to differentiate between an WP8 device and any Android running Launcher8.
  4. WP8 themed lockscreen.
  5. Option to hide status bar in launcher screen to completely look like a WP8 device.
  6. Change icons and color of each tiles.
  7. Widget support like any other Android Launcher.
  8. A variety of icons available for tiles.
  9. You can add special featured tiles like: Time, Pictures and Contact photo.
  10. Set custom colors to each tile.

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