Previously we have seen the Evad3rs team present out an Evasi0n jailbreak tool for the users. This information was further confirmed by the appearance of a screenshot posted by seasoned developer Ryan Petrich. This highlights a significant road regarding the jailbreak on iOS 7. Currently no details have been disclosed in reference to the same; however we have seen a pictorial depiction of jailbroken iOS 7 beta running on iPod touch 5. This image appeared on Twitter initially. At this instance, things cannot be legitimately confirmed, but it is understood that we can assure you that things look really very promising indeed.

Predominantly there have been various rumors and leaks that have surfaced up consistently before every new version of iOS; although it is a common understanding that the untethered breaks get released much before the official release is out.iOS-7-logo

This is an interesting development and it’s a thought provoking aspect as to whether the end user release of iOS 7 gets a jailbreak or not. But the word has been let out and Petrich has now set the ball rolling. Usually Petrich has been associated with the tweaking activities and primarily being known for that rather than hacking, however one simply cannot take away the fact that Petrich isn’t involved in the early testing of next jailbreak.iOS-7-jailbreak

Though the information can’t be proved as accurate, the moral of the story is that the iOS 7 is jailbreakable, at least in its current form. With the advent of several betas being presented out right before the release of iOS 7, several aspects could be in for a change. However as more information related to this matter is kept under wraps, we will have to wait and see where such development arises up in the forthcoming weeks.

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