With the ascension that is achieved with respect to app development, the utility provided by individual apps is of judicious use considering the specific functionalities that are furnished out for the users. Slowly and steadily each passing day, there are certain revelations that are presented out and that cover widespread dimensions in the current sector. Each app has its utility and this is facilitated in the best way by that particular application. Thus, the various apps on the Smartphones end up simplifying life and improve the ease of use in an individual’s life.

Providing a app that conjoins every category into a manifested package is of considerable importance when the users can facilitate this aspect to experience better categorical outlooks concerning fields like lifestyle, fitness, games, and photography or productivity.App gratis


Slowly and steadily as apps provide innumerable functionalities & are the benchmarks for carrying out the intended tasks, providing an app that aids the purpose in handing over great deals for the iPhone is a interesting aspect. AppGratis a Paris based brand began this provisioning a free app daily and granting certain deals for the iPhone. Thus, it is a medium that focuses on bringing the aspect of bringing paid-to-free apps daily.WhatsApp displayed on AppGratis

The basic objective of the AppGratis app is to provide the user with the latest deals and free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also, a free app daily is brought to the individual along with up to 90% discounts on paid apps. Additionally, freemium giveaways are dished out for the users that include in-app purchases and level unlocks are bestowed on the App Store. Once the user launches the application, the individual gets to view the free app for today & the other cool discounts.

Cut the Rope on AppGratis

Though the app is great and provides substantial benefits with the functionalities it provides to its users, there is a certain drawback associated with the same. The lack of in-app notification feature stands out widely as a missing part out of the whole scenario. Hence, the user should activate Push Notifications.

This particular app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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