Officially introducing something on the lines of “iThingy“ is a customary practice for Apple. Before the launch of their products, a mysterious secrecy is accentuated with the ascent of speculative rumors and several other itemizations.  The cryptic writings are always unrevealed and these products come into sight with huge surprises as they mark their presence over the course of time. During the time that such revelations are officially announced, the excitement levels associated with Apple’s products just keeps rolling out newer pastures.

Along these lines, users can turn their attention to the newest entrant in Apple’s illustrious category of products. Originally featured as a product by Amazon, dubbed as the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty; Apple has collaborated with Amazon for the exclusive sale of this handy product.iPotty

The newfangled product happens to be a kid’s cleaning toilet which is perfectly suitable for the age groups of 18 months or older. Although this product isn’t akin to Apple, the gadget features a special arm which is responsible for holding Apple’s iPad(2nd generation and above). This is where Apple enters the picture for generating sales of this special edition product. Also, the manufacturing giant has set forth on patenting the rights over this device. It is believed that it is the perfect gadget for the training of future generations.iPotty

With Samsung’s resurgence domineering a sale of 40 million tablets in 2013, Apple has taken the steadfast approach with respect to gaining competitive edge over its closest rival. Considering that innovation is the key contributor for enforcing revolutionary change in the competitive market, Apple has created hoopla by exercising control of this product. According to company insiders it is believed that such a development was in the works after the inaugural success of their first generation iPot, Apple’s alternative to the traditional household pot.CTA

Therefore toddlers can play along on iPad’s touch-screen while they attend nature’s call.  The inner bowl has been designed in such a way that it provides shield utilities for protecting the iPad from messy accidents.

According to hearsays, it is understood that Apple is partnering with small developmental units to bring out more improvements with the introduction of this product. The following are the list of enhancements and utilities that will be available with its release:

  • Apple is planning to incorporate modifications to its design structure, by providing it with just about the exact curvature that is associated on iOS devices.
  • The company is also considering on altering the architectural arrangement by developing a portion as a cup-holder.  This will benefit for multitasking activities.
  • The concept of an “Ejector seat” is reportedly speculated to be in the works. This is because kids generally don’t get off something after they are glued or attached to playing on iPad.
  • The product is supposedly construed to arrive with wheels. This will allow pooping in the pot along-with the toddler running around the house and enjoying nature’s call.
  • Apple plans to provide lightning dock connectors for flushing the matter down the drain. Additionally, there will be ports for charging points.
  • A finger print reader will be included that will populate the results for that specific individual, of the dilatory times on the iPad. It is believed that certain apps are in the works for facilitating this feature.
  • The product will be available in champagne, white and black colors. Furthermore, users can also customize their “activity seat” based on iPhone 5C’s color options.
  • In addition to the aforementioned features, the product will be equipped with a Wi-Fi sensor and Bluetooth capabilities that will signal the parent to take care of the toddler once the resultant operation has been completed.

Once these elusive functionalities are added to this product, the innovative disclosure will serve as a beneficial product that will cater to the lives of a parent and children in an efficient manner. Surely this product will drive the hardcore Apple evangelists to try out and advertise the advantages that it brings along. By unveiling such a unique product, Apple can attract the customers by providing technological resourcefulness together with imparting household inventiveness.

Courtesy : Fakeship Media

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