Its been quite a long time since iPhone 6 was released. Now Apple are ready with the next generation iPhone and it will most likely be named iPhone 6S. The release date of this device has been leaked – 25 September.

The next generation of iPhone will have significant upgrades. iPhone 6S will have a 2K resolution display instead of the full HD display seen in the current iPhone 6. Also after a lot of years, iPhone 6S will finally have 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 6S will have the brand new iOS 9. It will have a 3D pressure sensor built in to enable a new Force Touch action. Force Touch will reportedly offer more functions for power users, including a new way to “control space across the system,” and eliminate the need for long press interactions like rearranging app icons across home screens.

iOS 9 will bring other features as well – a revamped keyboard, iMessage improvements and Apple Pay for Canadian users. iPhone 6S will have an upgraded 12MP camera which will be provided by Sony.

As mentioned before, iPhone 6S will be released on 25 September and the pre-orders will begin from 18 September.

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