Accounting for the recent front-page news, it is a disclosure by Electronista that Apple has been defeated in regard to a court case in Mexico. This narration stems from the various broadcasting that is telecasted through the presented report. The itemization that was in reference to this case included Apple losing the rights to the “iPhone” name in that specific country. The regard for the ruling manifested due to the recital sounding phonetically similar to a telecommunications company. This company was registered in 2003 with the company name as iFone.

iFone sounding phonetically similar to iPhone

The tidings include the flow of events dating back to 2009, when during that timeApple had filed a complaint with the Mexican Industrial Property Institute, or IMPI presenting with the news flash that iFone sounds phonetically similar with their products & hence demanding the firm to stop using its brand name. This was released as it confuses users. There are announcements from a Spanish news agency Efe taking a notice of the whole issue.

These itemization’s from the agency quote that it is the third time Apple has lost in this case. The resultant situation that has surfaced up through these happenings is going haywire with respect to the ways in which Apple is expecting an established company to change their name, because it phonetically sounds similar to the products produced by the company.

Through the understanding that is evident from the description, it basically emphasizes on what is the next approach to this whole situation. It is debatable decision whether Apple will abandon its launches, current phone in Mexico or it would fight it out to reach for settlement with the telecommunications called iFone.

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