After being put to the walls by Apple’s accusation on the patent infringement it’s a case of putting the cards on the table now. The verdict about the patent served blatant reminder to the cruel competition in the market & the minimal chance to seize the initiative & grab forth stranglehold marking a presence. Just as we saw Samsung pulled back in the tug of war, here with we are demonstrated with its mastermind work that enhances the overall appearance of the ongoing fight.

After the arbitrament, it’s was a motive of acting fast and quick and re-claiming the importance or the respect in the competitive world and amongst rivals. Samsung undermined this possibility in a fantastically deviant manner. Apple cribbed over the rounded designs, so Samsung clinically washed out rounded corners from any further patents available. As hear-says notably pin point, certain individuals working behind this project were asked to pay minute attention to each centimeter/ millimeter pertaining to these designs so that Apple can’t even sue mini.

The redesigned patents are unique round or hexagonal shaped edges are the peculiarity of these patents & specially shaped designs. The special purpose regarding sizing behind this was assumed to be war off the evil spirit that was headlined by Steve Jobs.

Samsung Spokesperson talking about new Patented shapes

As our reporters report, to mark this verdict Samsung CEO’s wanted to vindicate Apple’s response ina ferocious manner. Hence, the design product was created in the following ways:

Developers were asked to keep Apples & aim at them in the shooting yard. Traditional guns weren’t used & aimed to bring out the thoughtful process about patent designing. Certain equipment’s were tried at cutting off or ripping apart the Apple. These methodologies were implemented under safety norms & hence attackers on the Apple were sup positioned to wear ninja uniforms before launching mayhem. As insiders describe the following were the equipment s used in the process:

Ninja stars, Vaccum Cleaner rods, Boomerangs, nunchucks, swords, shuriken, paper throwing stars, aikuchi, tanto, kakute, kusarigama amonst other specialities as used by Ninja forces. As well big sumo wrestler tried to squeeze out the anger on the Apple by resting their toes on crushing them. After a considerable research by experts & proof reading on the analysis on the hit ratio of these various equipments, strategies & designs were formulated against Apple’s downfall. Hence, the constructed patents were brought up. The gimmicks that were exhibited by these particularized ones were that these can also double up as self defense device and also as a ninja throwing star when calls to emergency service fail.

It is crystal clear this attack was laid on with anger against Apple’s constant blame game about patent infringement. The CEO went about happily announcing Cometh the hour, cometh the response. Uproars were noted in the camps with the jubilation that these designs will carry through.

Samsung's new Patented prototype smartphone shape

Samsung's new Patented prototype Flagship smartphone shape

Samsung's new prototype smartphone shape

The extra-ordinariness of these perceptions is spellbound and catches no specific imagination to sur
pass with respect to this outlandish phenomenon as displayed in the pictorial formats.

This certainly looks hard to surpass. The ability to make the appearance distinct has certainly easily made it confusing as well.

Also, along with these the test engineers were asked to public ally flaunt the new arrival that will take the Apple by storm. Notable discussions were undertaken to sought out the aggressive plan to the verdict & a march towards some song. The main design issue was juxtaposed presenting Apple’s logo, describing that these ninja stars cut apart the Apple logo & ate a piece of the Apple by launching these stars based on a algorithm.

New Smartphone prototypes from Samsung

Samsung test engineer test multitasking functionality with new smartphones prototypes

Courtesy : Fakeship Media

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