Based on reports and other rumors it is expected that Apple will officially announce the newest iPad on the 22nd of October, and adding to these itemizations it is regarded that Apple will also be unveiling a Smart cover.

The old cases wont be suitable for the newest iPad. This is because of the fact that the new revelation is based on the outline of the iPad Mini. The unravelling of these smart covers on the same day sounds as a perfect marketing strategy from Apple, which will boost in accruing the sales of their accessories as well as help in killing off the competition from third party accessory makers.Smart Cover Case

It is thought provoking discussion whether as to size change will be on the cards or not!Also it remains to be seen as to if Apple leaves a hole or gap through for ensuring smooth functioning of the Touch ID fingerprint access for quick unlocking. This is only presumed with the consideration that the newest revelation will get the scanner. Furthermore, it will be interesting to not if Apple manages to bring in any changes or disclosures with their accessory or whether Apple plays and sails along with features provided by other competitors.

It is regarded that he iPad 5 will be unveiled in the same colors as the iPhone 5s, silver, gold, and space gray. At present there is no concrete information on these Smart Covers, however it is construed that the covers will replicate the same design as the covers for the iPad mini. Old rumors and leaks have highlighted that the new revelation will appear to be approximately 0.3mm thicker than the current model.  Due to this, the cases for the device will also get wider by 0.2mm, based on reports by Mac Otakara.

What do you expect from the new case? Tell us your thoughts!

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