Apple finally decided to go large screen with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The phone got great reviews but not all the fans were happy with the huge screen size of the device. For such users, Apple has started working on a smaller 4″ display device – iPhone 6C.

iPhone 6C will be on the similar lines of the 5C. It will be made of plastic and will be cheaper than the flagship iPhone. However there are some minute differences that can be found between the two devices. As shown in the images, there are some alterations in the shape of the camera flash – with the iPhone 6C appearing to feature an oval shape as opposed to the round flash of the iPhone 5C.

Another change is the base of the device. The base of the casing has a number of other distinguishing features that set it apart from the iPhone 5C, including extra speaker and microphone holes.

Another rumour that has been doing the rounds is the implementation of the Force Touch technology which will distinguish between a light tap and a heavy tap. However iPhone 6C wont be having this feature. It will be present in the future generation iPhones.

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