Apple vs Samsung court battle

Finally, the adjudication on the on-going trial was accomplished and Apple supplemented their cause by proving that Samsung did violate the antitrust obligations regarding its patents. The way the jury settled the verdict, the eventuality looked obvious. The after effect of this impact is that Samsung has been barred from enforcing its ‘516 and ‘941 patents. Considering the longevity and the extent of causatum on the residual discussions, isn’t it obvious to get a common thought that shouldn’t Apple have patent these hallmarks before their competitors grab hold of their hands on them? Giving expertise to Samsung, Google would have made Apple a more profitable organization, nevertheless the denouement of the verdict concluded that Samsung will have to pay Apple a sum of $1.05 billion in damages for willfully infringing on Apple’s intellectual property. Now, this is what kills innovation!

Apple-Samsung copied Smartphone

Before, the unanimous decision was, the jury was equally set force into action with rigorous questioning on a 20 page jury form across 33 groups. In the closing arguments of the trial Apple lawyer told Samsung: “Make your own phones” (as reported by Ars Technica)

Apple vs Samsung lawsuit

This verdict managed to trigger up and offshoot Apple’s stock rise after the jury had found that Samsung had infringed upon trade dress and Apple patents whose residue is that Samsung owes the hefty penalty. Surely, considering the humongous nature of this trial it’s plausible to be expecting a appeal sooner than later.

Just for more info, Samsung made huge profits from this design rip-off and this $1.05 billion penalty seems to be too low in comparison to those huge sums of in-flowing cash!

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