According to a report which has been released out by the Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, it is regarded that the iWatch will be officially announced in a year’s time from now. Over the year previously there have been several reports citing the arrival of this wearable gadget and now presently we have lowdowns that highlight that the new innovation will be unveiled in the second half of 2014.

Based on current itemizations, it is reported that the iWatch wwill be priced between $149 and $229 and ODM Inventec, the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer will be bestowed with sixty percent of iWatch orders. This is the estimation released by an CIMB Group. Additionally, this growth is expected to drive about nineteen percent of Inventec’s profits in 2014.iWatch-packaging-concept

It is understood that the iWatch shipments will escalate to an estimated 63.4 million units in 2014, as reported by an analyst with CIMB Group. Before the analyst Katy Huberty had pinpointed back in February that the iWatch will assist Apple providing an $80 billion opportunity. However this is assumed with the fact that atleast 50 million units are sold at an average selling price between $200 and $300.

It will be interesting to note how the concept of Wearable Tech will pave way for the future.

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