According to reports that surface up from via 9to5Mac, developer Nick Frey has indicated that the code within iOS 7 highlights the possibility of a new upgraded processor. As per presumptions, it has been understood that the iPhone 5S will comprise the A7 processor.

The particularized code possesses a reference to an s5L8960x application processor that is of a larger iteration than the s518950x and the s518955x numeration which is usually found constituting on the A6 and A6X processors, which are originally used in the iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPad.a7samsung

With reports from 9to5Mac, it is understood that this upcoming system-on-a-chip will have Samsung components.

The code within iOS 7 reveals that Apple is planning to adopt this same strategy rather than changing their course to TSMC and at present there is no information to support the claim as to whether TSMC is involved in the chip production.

Previously in March, we have seen rumors that displayed the possibility that Apple might be using both Samsung and TSMC for producing its 2013 chips, however based on the disclosure of a prototype iPhone 5S; there was information divulged that a K1A0062 identifier existed on the main A7 chip. Hence, it was believed that this was manufactured by TSMC.

The company has already signed a three year deal with TSMC which will pave way for TSMC producing Appleā€™s A8 chips and its A9/A9X chips, but it is interesting to note that currently Apple will be working with Samsung again for this new chip. This development is a total contrast to the previous rumor that cited that Apple will switch to TSMC on the A7 processor. It is construed that the main system-on-a-chip will encompass some Samsung components. According to reports, it is believed that Apple plans to work in conjunction with both companies and Samsung will bring out 14-nm chips for Apple beginning in 2015.

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