Usually it is a common aspect to see tiny apps floating on the home-screen of Android devices. Well, this magnifies an uncluttered interface & dishes out a mechanism to place these apps anywhere on the home-screen  Along these lines we have been introduced to a tweak by the iOS jailbreak community which helps the iOS users on placing 6 apps on the lockscreen in an easily manifested fashion. This is by utilizing a Cydia tweak named Atom which provisions out the concept of placing 6 apps on the lockscreen.

Atom Cydia Tweak

The propitious part of the tweak involves the fact that the particular individual can employ this tweak and add a different certain dragging sort of gesture and use these shortcuts of the apps. The respective unlock shortcut is created at the center of app icons and is displayable in the picture above. Employing such an appearance of the apps on your device, the user can easily launch an app on the device without worrying about other apps getting launched by mistake.

The representations of the icons get organized in such a way that the entire screen gets occupied rather than placing these icons into a certain area. Moreover this organization of the apps is done in an orderly fashion. After you download and install this tweak, a new menu surfaces up in the stock Settings app. Also, the individual will have to notices the specific changes that he/she has made to the lockscreen. It is a point to be noted that the camera grabber and unlock slider will vanish off. This is due to the fact that the tweak will employ its own options which simply the entire process.

A video characterization demonstrates this particular tweak:

Upon installation some of the apps get pinned automatically. This is done by default; however the individual has the option to personalize the screen based on the respective preferences in the stock Settings app. The best part is that both native and third-party apps can be utilized here. Thus, this Cydia tweak’s representation aids in the course of providing a beneficial approach to suitably accessing commonly used apps on your device. Additionally, the useful aspect is that this can be also utilized for unlocking. Atom is a free & can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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