Traditionally, recording voice calls is a common feature that is available in any basic Smartphone. However, its provisioning is not available for Apple and thus this stays as a limitation in these circumstances. This characteristic attribute can be employed with the help of a tweak that is available in the ModMyi repo. But the device should be jailbroken in order to incorporate such feasibility onto your device. Audio Recorder devises a peculiar aspect of recording the voice calls on your iOS device. Thus individuals who would like to record important business conversations can find it easier to fulfil their tasks. Also, Audio Recorder stores these conversations them safely for your records.


It is a common notion to hear a recorded voice with respect to company calls which inform the other person line about a call that “may be recorded” for security and or training purposes. This usual functionality is utilized by the company to present their side and cover their backs in cases of a potential dispute. However, in our cases we simply have no proof of the disputed results or accusations covering our claims. Thus, Audio Recorder provides a beneficial solution to such problems by simply recording the conversation on your iPhone for a playback at a later date. Also, this is advantageous in instances where the business calls can be recorded & heard late to elucidate the points covered during a business call. Audio-recorder

The creators of the app present its availability as the very first iPhone call recorder. Also, it aids in saving the files to the iPhone. The individual can play them back, or send them to a specific email address for safe-keeping purposes. During a call, before you proceed to record the other person is notified that the call is being recorded. But, the individual cannot deactivate this feature. Also, no  servers are involved which proves advantageous in the fact that you can record the conversation without worrying about it getting wasted away & stashed somewhere else.

This app works with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, however you will have to use the loudspeaker of the iPhone 4S during calls if you aim to devise out the best results. Audio Recorder can be downloaded from the Modmyi repository. However, if you aren’t able to find the desired app, then you can download it directly from the particular developer’s repository by adding to Cydia.

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