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Sprint rolls out Wi-Fi calling, service initially available only on S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega

Sprint today has officially announced that it will be rolling out Wi-Fi calling support for its devices. To begin with, Sprint will only offer this service for the S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega. Amidst the rumors and speculations, it took quite long for Sprint to officially spill the beans on these tidings.

According to the released report, it is regarded that users on the Galaxy Mega and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will receive an OTA update to enable Wi-Fi calling. At present only users of these devices can take advantage of this feature, but it is reckoned that Sprint will roll out this feature to other devices also.Sprint Continue reading

Galaxy S5 teaser video leaked; showcases camera software features, waterproofing capabilities, and much more

Talk about creating an image before it’s released! Samsung just promises to master that aspect in the newly released teaser advert. According to speculations, Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S5 is expected to arrive at Mobile World Congress 2014 and before anyone can make conclusions regarding the device; Samsung has gone ahead and released an advert that flaunts the Galaxy S5 divulging out information on the upcoming handset.

This teaser marks its presence in the form of 36-second ad and exhibits various aspects like curiosity, peace, fun, speed, victory, connect, create, and focus, outdoor and waterproofing functionalities of the itemized revelation. These aspects are viewable by the flashing of various words in the video. Also, these are featured along with the number “5” in superscript.

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Official: Vodafone set to roll out OS

After months of speculation and innumerable rumors, it has finally been brought to notice that Vodafone UK has rolled out an updated version of the OS than everyone who had done so. Based on reports, it is believed that this unveiling was worth the wait as users on Vodafone UK and various other UK carriers will have the advantage of having OS on their devices. This occurrence of the visible version is seen as a resulting display for the software version update Continue reading

Leaked prototype pictures of the speculated Nokia smartwatch model

According to reports released by phone designer, users can turn their attention to pictures of a prototype Nokia smartwatch. The graphic artist has worked to reproduce a revelation that depicts a glance screen style UI. This demeanor is expected to be responsible for saving battery life. Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft suggests that the company plans to take significant strides for marking their presence with wearable technology.Nokia-smartwatch-concept Continue reading

BlackBerry Acquires 26.9 % of the Market Share in Mexico

Slowly and steadily as Blackberry manages to take strides to improve its position in the already competitive smartphone market, here are some positive lowdowns that enlighten the state of affairs in the current market scenario.

Although at present the roadway to success appears dark for the Canadian company, there are still some positive tidings that can contribute towards proving the saving grace of the company. It can be seen that some markets continue their resurgence despite the fact that Blackberry is losing out a huge market share in competition to other rival competitors.blackberry-logo Continue reading

Official: Samsung to unveil the Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 in the United States

With the plethora of devices that are released out by Samsung, the South Korean manufacturing giant introduces newfangled devices with consistent regularity. As the numbers add up to produce a significant figure, Samsung works on drawing attention of its target customers. And here we are treated to newer revelations in form of tablets, phablets and flagship devices.red-gtab3- Continue reading

Verizon to roll out $100-$15 rebate on Samsung’s Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 and other models

As Samsung continuously tries harder and makes advancements to grab a major share in the market; consumers are introduced to several itemizations which arrive dubbed as variants of several devices. Previously it was speculated that the Rose Gold color variant of the Galaxy Note 3 was heading out on Verizon.Note3_rosegold

Based on this released report, it is noted that this development is in the works and it will be officially unveiled with an offer that will last until January 26. Android Central reports that individuals will receive $100 mail-in rebate on the purchase of the Rose Gold Note 3. Individuals also have the option to choose the standard white or black Note 3 with $100 rebate if incase they don’t want to go for the newfangled colored variant. Continue reading

HP slated to unveil a $200 Android smartphone, launching next week [Reports]

According to reports disclosed from 9to5 Google, it is regarded that HP is planning on introducing a new smartphone. This revelation is slated to arrive next week and it is speculated that this handset will be on the lines of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.HP’s rumored smartphone will be priced at $200 unsubsidized, the unlocked price of the handset. HP aims at targeting this device for emerging markets and this itemized disclosure could serve as a rival competitor to the mid-range devices.hp-slate7- Continue reading

Reports: Premium variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come along with a blend of stainless steel and plastic

Just previously, several speculations and itemizations have highlighted the arrival of Samsung’s newfangled flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. It was noted that this revelation was expected to turn up in a standard variant along with the arrival of a premium variant featuring metal body. However according to reports from Korean media, it is widely believed that the Galaxy S5 will simply not arrive with a full metal body or will not have full metal construction. Reports have showcased that the device will mark its presence with a stainless steel battery cover with the other components to come on plastic. This manifestation will help to reduce the weight of the smartphone.Samsung 1 Continue reading

Samsung to reportedly introduce its all-new UI with the launch of the Galaxy S5

According to a report disclosed by Twitter handle @evleaks, it has been revealed that Samsung is reportedly planning on revamping their user interface before the manufacturing giant officially announces their flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Considering evleaks to be the major contributor for disclosing various tidings; this information seems legitimate as we look beyond the old, dull and outdated TouchWiz Interface.Samsung Galaxy S5

The displayable screenshots below highlight the leaked UI with its face-lifting attempts. The revealed picture displays an amateurish attempt at sprucing up the old interface, and looks more likely as a third-party theme or kind of an icon pack like displayable entity. At present, there is no official information available from Samsung regarding refurbishing the UI; but it is reckoned that such a development was in the works and it is expected that Samsung will be exploring the new UI with the introduction of newer devices.

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