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Top 3 Apps to Download Free Music on your Android devices

One of the great advantages of owning a smartphone is that you can have everything on the go. It acts like a mini computer. We love listening to music on our smartphones and like to download a few songs. You can do this using a browser on your smartphone, but that’s a thing of the past.

There are range of apps available on the Google Play Store that lets you download free songs. However some of them are just hoax. They basically redirect you to a link on the browser.But some apps are extremely useful for downloading free music and MP3.

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[How To] Play HD Games on your Low-End Android Smartphones using Chainfire 3D

One of the benefits of having an Android is that you can play countless number  of games on your smartphone. There are tons of games- free and paid, available on the Google Play Store. But some games only run on the high-end devices. Its almost impossible to play HD games on the low-end phones.

HD Game on Android

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Get the Stick Cricket Full Version on your Android using Stick Cricket Unlocker

Stick Cricket is the most popular cricket game in the smartphone and tablet world. It was first launched in iOS and later it was available for Android too. Stick Cricket is a very addictive game which can get you hooked on your Android for several hours. Every cricket lover will enjoy playing this game. It’s all about shot selection and timing but only a master can hit every ball for six. Choose your team and face the world’s best bowlers as they try to get you out with some devious fast and spin deliveries. It is simple but with enough complexity that will make you addicted to this game.

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[How To] Root your Samsung Galaxy Note with One Click

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most popular device. It has breathtaking features which cannot be found in any other Android. So you might want to root the Galaxy Note to further enhance the performance of the Android. You can have a look at this article to know about the benefits of rooting.

Galaxy Note

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A2SD: How to Save Internal Memory on your Android

One of the most common problems of Android phones is low internal memory. Most of the low-end Android devices have only 190 MB of internal memory. After installing some apps, you will get a notification which shows that your internal memory is getting low.

You can get rid of this notification by using a MOD : Darktremor A2SD. It basically transfers some parts of the App to the SD card partition thus saving your internal memory. Link2Sd does the same thing. However it doesn’t work on all devices, so Darktremor A2SD  can be used as an alternative.


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[How to] Sync Facebook birthdays with Google Calender

Many people find it difficult remembering birthdays. Facebook made it easy for us by reminding us about important birthdays. However people don’t login to Facebook each and every day.

A simple solution is to sync your Facebook birthdays with the Google Calendar. Although Facebook doesn’t like Google to take away their users,you can also sync Facebook events and birthdays to Google Calendar. If you have an Android, you can easily set a reminder on the Google Calender or make a widget for the same.

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[How To] Install Beats Audio and Xloud on your Android

Android OS is a groundbreaking Operating System that offers many features that iOS and Blackberry can only dream of. However everything in this world has some limitations and it includes the android OS. The music quality in android pales in comparison to that of an iOS. It is neither very loud nor very clear.

But a few months ago HTC launched two cell phones- HTC Senation XE and XL with beats audio technology. The beats Audio enhancement improves the audio quality and gives out better bass and treble.But it was available in only these two androids.The good news for rooted phones is that they can install the Beats Audio enhancement on their Android phones.This enhancement will not show a pop up of Beats Audio when you connect the headphones but it does improve the audio significantly.Once again, this will not make your headphones blow out but it will make the audio crisp and will give out thicker bass.

beats by Dr. dre

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Download and Install Temple Run on ARM v6 powered Android devices

Temple Run is a highly addictive game which was first launched for iOS and later for Android. Temple Run works smoothly on highend devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc etc.

However Temple Run is incompatible with many low end devices. Some devices like Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Y, HTC Wildfire S are a rage among the masses.But due to the ARM v6 processor, Temple Run is incompatible.But now Temple Run is available even for ARMv6 processors (low-end devices). However it comes along with a bug. After running few meters you will die automatically. This is because the ARMv6 processor is not fully compatible for this game. But as the game has been updated frequently the auto-die bug has been drastically reduced.The game has been optimized for smooth gameplay.

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[How to] Speed up your Android device using SwapIt RAM Expander

SwapIt RAM Expander is an extremely usefulAapp which can speed-up your Android device within a few seconds. It will create a swap file by using a portion of your SDcard space and this portion will act as the RAM for your device.

There are other methods like RAM Manager and the V6 supercharger script to speedup Android. However, there was no noticeable difference in the performance of the phone using the RAM Manager. While the V6 supercharger script is very useful, it is a tedious procedure and the Android may get stuck at the boot after you reboot for the first time. In contrast, it is very easy to install and use the SwapIt RAM Expander.

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Reverse Tether & Use Internet from PC on Android using USB cable

Don’t have a WiFi ? Bored of the slow 2G speed? Reverse Tethering is the simple solution to this problem.

While USB tethering uses the smartphone’s internet connection for your desktop, reverse tethering does the complete opposite. It makes use of the desktop’s internet connection for your android. It will give a very high internet speed compared to the 2G connection and will also save valuable data of your 2G plan. Downloading and updating apps from the Play Store is also possible. For this you just have to enable your mobile data. If you disable the mobile data reverse tethering will work but you won’t be able to use the Play Store.

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