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[How to] Switch between HTC Sense and Google Play Edition ROMs on HTC One using MoDaCo.SWITCH

HTC launched the HTC One Google Edition smartphone a few months after launching the Sense based HTC One. And though the new HTC Sense does come with a lot of attractive features, many users prefer the stock Android that the Google Play edition HTC One offers. However, HTC One users can install both the Sense and Google Play Edition ROMs on their phones and easily switch between them using a mod called MoDaCo.SWITCH.

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6tag : Fully Featured third party Instagram App for WP8

Windows phones are fast turning out to be popular among Windows faithfuls and also with rest of the users. However, one thing that refrains new users to switch to Windows phones is the considerably less number of apps currently available for it as compared to Android or Apple operating systems. One such app that is widely popular among the latter operating systems is Instagram.

6 tag-Instagram for Windows phone

Instagram allows users to upload their photos and videos on the social networking site. It also lets users to apply various filters to their photos before uploading them. The app has not yet been launched officially for Windows phones. But now, there’s something to cheer about for Windows phones users as a new third party app called 6tag has been launched which lets users access Instagram from their Windows phones.

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[How To] Unlock the Bootloader of Nvidia Shield

Nvidia had launched it’s own handheld portable gaming device, the Nvidia Shield. It was lauded for being a very powerful device and bringing the experience of PC gaming to a portable device. It featured it’s own array of Android games that were optimized for it and was also able to run other apps and games from the Google Play.

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[MOD] Install the CyanogenMod cLock widget on Android devices

The CyanogenMod ROMs are one of the most popular and widely used ROMs in the Android world. Their features and tweaks are highly appreciated in the Android community and there have been many attempts by other developers to port those to the various Android devices. One such feature that has caught the eyes of CM users is the cLock. And thankfully this has now been made available for all devices running any ROM by CyanogenMod UI and Experience Team Developer DvTonder.


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[How To] Install CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) on Sony Xperia ZL

Xperia ZL, the large 5″ smartphone from Sony comes equipped with Android 4.1.2. And though it can be officially upgraded to Android 4.2.2, the CyanogenMod team as always have been busy developing their ROMs for it. We already saw how to install CM 10.1 on the Xperia ZL. Now we will see how to install CM 10.2 on it.

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[How To] Install Official Android 4.2.2 Google Edition ROM on Samsung Galaxy S4 Active GT-I9295

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is the new entrant to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 flagship. Popular for being waterproof and dust resistant, this sturdy smartphone is equipped with Samsung’s Touchwiz skin on the Android 4.2.2 version. However, many users prefer the stock Android that comes pre-installed in the Galaxy S4 Google Edition to the Touchwiz. This article will now explain how to install the Android 4.2.2 Google Edition ROM on your Galaxy S4 Active.

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[How To] Transfer/Backup and Migrate Data from your Old Phone to the Motorola Moto X

Motorola’s newly launched smartphone, the Moto X, has caught the attention of a lot of Android users with its highly customizable options. However buying a new phone always comes with the hassle of loss of data. Keeping this in mind, Motorola has introduced the Motorola Migrate app which allows you to seamlessly transfer your old data to your new Moto X.

Motorola Migrate

The app comes preinstalled in the Moto X and you just have to download the app to your old phone from the play store. The app allows you to transfer your text messages, call history, SIM contacts, pictures, video, and music from your old phone to your new Moto X. You need to follow the below steps to start transferring: Continue reading

[How to] Fix SD Card Writing Error on Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition running Android 4.3

The launch of the Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 certainly created a lot of excitement among the Android community. Being able to experience native Android on the S4 was a thing that users were eagerly looking forward to. And though the users weren’t disappointed by it, a small bug existing in it has created some problems. As it turns out apps no longer have the ability to write data on the SD card.

Galaxy S4 Google Edition

While this may be a minor issue which does not affect the overall performance of the device, it is annoying since you constantly get an error message when an app tries to write to the SD card. The reason for this error is that the Galaxy S4 has a special group where only the apps belonging to the group can write to the external storage. The problem is that most apps have not been updated yet to these changes. And though Samsung is trying to work on a fix, there’s a way which solves the problem. You will need to follow the steps given below :
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[MOD] Get the Moto X Boot Animation on your Android Device

Every Android user fancies the Boot Animation of his device. The Boot Animation is the animation that is displayed when your device boots up (i.e. starts up). A lot of Boot Animations are available for the user to be applied to his device. Now due to the valuable efforts of XDA member zooyork0721, the Moto X Boot Animation can also be applied to your device.

Here’s how the Boot Animation of the Moto X looks like :

Moto X Boot Animation

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Get the Moto X Active Notifications on your ICS and Jellybean running Android Devices

Motorola recently launched the much awaited Moto X smartphone. Along with the variety of customizing options offered, another feature that caught the eyes of Android users is its Active Notifications feature. This feature automatically informs you of new messages by lighting up the lockscreen. When you receive a notification, the screen of your smartphone turns on with a small display and with a swiping gesture, you can jump directly to the displayed message. This feature can now be used in your ICS and JB phones using the ActiveNotifications app.                                                      


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