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Additional unannounced features in Android 4.3

The latest upgrade to the Android, 4.3 version, was unveiled yesterday. In an article by Lazy Smurf we had covered the basic features introduced by Google for Android 4.3. However, we take a look at some features with weren’t officially announced, but you will notice them in the upgrade:

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Developers file petition to Sony to release Jellybean Camera Drivers for Xperia 2011 series

Xperia 2011 JB camera petition

Sony’s Xperia 2011 series has one of the strongest Developer community among all other Sony Xperia Lineups. Though Sony has curbed the support for Xperia 2011 lineup the developers have been successful in bringing about fully functioning Jellybean 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 for Xperia 2011 phones. This all done without any help from Sony. Thought these developers have been successful in getting these custom ROMs to achieve stability they still have to use legacy camera in the Xperia 2011 phones and cannot exploit the features of Jellybean 4.2 camera app due to lack of “Official JB Camera Drivers”.

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Get Voice notifications on your Android

Earlier we had featured an app called as Voice for Whatsapp which enabled you to get voice notifications for Whatsapp. This also allowed you to send messages via voice input. The interesting thing about this app was that it read out the senders name as well as the message. The developer of this app, pacosal, has introduced major changes to the app that has led to illustrate the changes via this article.

voice notification

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Get Unlimited Money and Coins in CSR Racing Android game (For ROOTed users)

CSR Racing
CSR Racing was recently launched on the Android platform. It’s success in the iOS version has carried forward in Android too. with over 5,000,000 installs since it’s launch in 19th April, this game has become quite popular! The game is quite entertaining and fun to play. However, there are many cars and upgrades that you cannot buy by playing the game sportingly. To buy certain upgrades and cars you are compelled to buy in-app currency.

However, there are ways by which you can increase your funds in the game. This method uses as app called game killer. This method requires you to be rooted.

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[MOD] YouTube v4.4.1 App with 720p HD Video Playback on Android

It is a known fact that YouTube is the worlds largest video hosting website. YouTube proudly hosts a variety of qualities of videos to make them available to every flavour of bandwidth. Earlier phone were incapable of playing HD videos due to lack of fast processing power and good internet speeds. However, with the advent of high performance Android Smartphones with HD screens, HD video playback is the need of the hour.
Youtube HD for Android
Even with Android Smartphones being capable of playing HD quality videos, the official YouTube app for Android still doesn’t provide options to play the video in full 720p HD quality.
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Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps Bundle for any CM10 / 10.1 based ROM

As Samsung is gearing up for the grand launch of Samsung’s newest Flagship model the Galaxy S4, independent developers are working to get all of Galaxy S4 apps available for users before its release. A System Dump of Galaxy S4 was leaked on the internet which made Devs possible to extract system apps from S4 and release them so that any user having a CM10/10.1 based ROM, can use them.

Earlier we covered S4’s Launcher and AccuWeather widget and how to install the same. Now we present to you a bundle of apps of Galaxy S4 that you can install on almost any device that Runs CyanogenMod 10 or CyanogenMod 10.1 custom ROM. It is essential to have a Rooted device and a custom Recovery to install these apps.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 AccuWeather Widget and Launcher for CM10/10.1 (Download APK)

Samsung Galaxy S4 AccuWeather Widget

Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S4 has just been recently announced and soon to be launched in mid April. Even before it’s launch S4’s system dump was leaked on the internet. Hence, developers could extract S4 specific apps like S-Voice, Wallpapers, Ringtones etc. Now we have got the S4 Home Launcher as well as Accuweather Widget that can be installed on any CM10 / CM10.1 based ROM.

Transparent Version

Transparent Version

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[MOD] Facebook App v2.3 without Location Tracking for better privacy

The Facebook App for Android requires Location permissions to track your location. When your Facebook App refreshes at specified intervals the current location of your device is tracked. For every status update, photo, video posted your location is embedded into the update. This can be irritating at times as you do not wish to disclose your current location. Facebook App for Android provides no options to turn OFF this feature. Many people consider this as an intrusion over privacy and wish this feature was removed! Continue reading

Install CM 10.1 (Jellybean 4.2.2) on Sony Xperia Ray (ST18i)

Some Might think that a Sony Ericsson Xperia 2011 Lineup device is Obsolete and meaningless in today’s race for high configurations. Thought it isn’t even close to the best Smartphone in market Xperia Ray performs quite decent even after 2 years since it’s launch. It was Launched with a Gingerbread based firmware and got upgraded to an ICS based Firmware, but Sony discontinued any further support to this device. However, this did not stop independent developers FXP to continue the development for this device and made available CM10 a Jellybean (4.1.2)  based Custom ROM. And Recently XDA Senior Member iriijo has come up with a beta version of CyanogenMod10.1.


This version of CM10.1 for Xperia Ray isn’t an official version but developed independently from CM10.1 source. The ROM is still a Work in progress and has a few things broken. The current Bugs list is as follows:

  • Radio disabled
  • Bluetooth not working
  • Jellybean 4.2 Camera not functioning (Legacy Camera used)
  • Few Graphics Glitches.

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[How To] Get Dual Start Screen in WP8 Devices

Windows 8 Phones aren’t really well known for tweaks and MODs. But one can always find loopholes and use them in your advantage. How convenient it would be to have two start screens instead of one. Anyone owning a WP8 Device must be knowing the difficulties of having pinned too many apps on the Home screen. It would be so much easier to have several home screens. Though not several, you can however have two Home screens in your WP8 Device.

Alternate home screen

The dual home screen functionality can be attained with the use of Kid’s Corner. Kid’s Corner is an in-built functionality in WP8 that allows you to exercise Parental control over the apps and content that your child can access on your WP8 Device. Kid’s Corner is originally used when your child often access your WP8 device and you want to restrict the access to only specific apps and other contents present in the phone.

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