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CSR Racing makes its debut on Android (Download APK + Data)

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a Racing game that features drag racing as its theme. It’s all about the perfect timings and getting the best balance between speed, acceleration, weight and braking. CSR Racing has been a huge success on iOS. The iOS version of CSR Racing contains some insanely realistic graphics! All Android fans have been missing out on the action as this was earlier only available for iOS. However, the wait is over, and CSR Racing is finally available on Android!
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Apply Custom Skins to Windows 8 Phones using Skinery Tiles Pro

Windows 8 phones are best known for it’s live tiles that attract many. However, the options to customize these tiles are very few. You can only change  the color and size, of each tile. Often you must have envied your Friend’s Android devices. Where they can change every aspect of their device according to their need. Ever wanted to have a wallpaper in the home screen of your WP8 device? Here is an app that will address to all of these issues called as the Skinery Tiles PRO.

Skinery Tiles Pro is a unique app that can apply themes(wallpapers) over your live tiles in WP8 devices. It is allows you to download themes or use your own pictures to make new themes. The app currently supports various third party apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, Spotify, etc. It supports almost all Stock apps. However, it cannot apply themes over Phone, Messaging and People Hub because they are restricted by Microsoft.

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Use your Android Phone’s Vibrator as a Subwoofer

One thing that smartphones lack in, is superior music quality. Due to the lack of high quality speakers in even top of the line Smartphones, sound quality has always been below average. However, there are a few MODs like ACID, XLOUD, HDSoundEngine2, etc. that can improve the sound quality that is delivered. But, they have not much effect on the phone’s inherent hardware limitations.

Subwoofer Phone Vibrator

Very few devices like the HTC ONE have dual speakers hence very few devices can deliver the low bass from it’s physical speakers. None of these devices can deliver bass like a subwoofer.
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Break language barriers using Google Translate

Google Translate banner

The latest addition to the plethora of services provided by Google is Google Translate. Though it isn’t new it certainly is in a new avatar. The new mobile Apps for Google Translate have been completely Overhauled to break all barriers of language that one could currently face. Gone are the days that you carry a travelers guide for the local language of a foreign country. Here comes Google with it’s seemingly realtime Translation app for Android and iOS. Continue reading

Download “Facebook Home” Leaked version APK for Android

Facebook’s next big innovation is the Facebook Home. Recently, it was announced that Facebook Home App will be made available on Google Play store for Free from 12th April 2013. However, before this tentative date some early beta builds of Facebook Home have been leaked on the internet.

These builds have been pulled out of an early build of HTC First device, which is said to be the first Facebook phone.

Facebook Home Android leakFacebook Home leakedFacebook Home app

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Keep Screen On with Intelligence using Keep Screen On App for Android

Keep screen on banner

One of the modern day problem that any smartphone user faces of that the screen keeps turning off when you are reading an article on your browser or reading from an PDF. It’s annoying to turn on the Screen again and continue your work. Many a times we extend the screen off timer through system settings and then forget about it. Result being heavy battery drain as the screen remains on for longer durations It’s a fact of common knowledge that Screen Brightness is the most power intensive activity in Android. All battery stats will display the screen as the biggest Battery consumer.

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Use AMOLED Screen on Android to notify you about latest Notifications using NoLED

It’s a known fact that when your phone displays a black screen on the AMOLED screen with the backlight off it screen consumes almost no battery at all. One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a device with no Notification LED is that you tend to miss important notifications as they arrive. To address to this same problem XDA Senior Member madmack has developed this app called NoLED.


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Fool Your Friends with SwiftKey Tilt Android Keyboard

On April 1st, like many Companies like Google, SwiftKey also decided to prank it’s fans with the “so-called” feature addition to their Famous Android Keyboard app, called as the SwiftKey Tilt! SwiftKey Tilt claims to give you a Full Body typing experience. It was an almost convincing feature by SwiftKey. The company didn’t only release an official statement along with a video to advertise it’s “new” feature they also left an Easter egg in it’s latest update.

You can View the Video of SwiftKey Tilt here:

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[MOD] Get Xperia Z Boot Animation on your Rooted Android Device

Xperia Z is Sony’s Current Flagship Device for 2013. Recently, the entire System Dump of Xperia Z was leaked on the Internet which gave away almost all of it’s content available for download. You can easily apply Xperia Z’s Wallpaper on your Android device or Install the Home Launcher and Widgets of the Xperia Z on any Android. Known for it’s beautiful UI, Xperia Z doesn’t disappoint you with it’s Boot Animation either. The Boot Animation of Xperia Z can be easily applied to any Rooted Android Device. Boot Animation is the Animation that is displayed while your phone is booting (i.e. Starting up) Every Manufacturer has his own specific Boot Animation.

Here is a Preview of Xperia Z’s Boot Animation:
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Download Game On APK: Game Cheat Engine for Rooted Android phones

It can get frustrating to get stuck on a particular level while playing a certain game. Often it happens that you love the game, but are stuck at one particular level and even after your best efforts you cannot solve it. Many games offer some in-game credit system to bypass levels but then you have to shell out money from your own pocket to do so. Instead one can rely on a cheat or an exploit in order to complete levels, gain bonuses, etc. Finding such a cheat is often very tedious task and there is no guarantee that the particular cheat that you find will work. We have a solution to your problem with an app called Game On. Game On is a Cheat Engine which includes cheats for approximately 60 games.

You can also have a look at GameCIH APK file, which is also a Cheat Engine and works with most of the Android games.

Game On

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