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Google Now: Voice Guided Search App on Android JellyBean (my usage experience)

Voice Guided Search is said to be the “Big Thing” of today! Apple created a sensation with Siri; Samsung tried to come with an answer to Siri with its S-Voice, but failed miserably. The world was waiting for Google’s response to Siri. Obviously, Google wasn’t going to just sit and watch while Apple capture the market. With the launch of the latest version of Android Jellybean came Google’s answer to Siri called as Google Now.

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How To: Root Sony Xperia Ray ST18i running Android ICS 4.04

All those of you who wanted to Root their Sony Xperia Ray ST18i without unlocking their bootloaders and weren’t able to do the same earlier; With the update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 it is possible to root the phone without unlocking bootloaders. Continue reading