Slowly and steady as we turn our attention to significant revelations that catch a glimpse of our eyes, the steady development in the innovation of the handheld devices just keeps ascending with every passing disclosure.

As a consequence, a user will continue to change handsets as and when feasible and appropriately in this fashion several other functionalities get associated with it in this regard. Saving contacts onto the phone is a mainstream activity and usually the device asks the user to find where the individual would like to save the particular contact. This is when the user tries to insert a new number in his/her phone-book.

Under the circumstances in this particular procedure, the aspect of having a default save location will prove a beneficial factor rather than the phone asking the user where to save the respective insertion. Usually, the contacts get saved only to a specific single location only. This can be either of SIM card, Phone or it can be the Google account.

The process described below is based on Android 2.3.6. Therefore, there may be slight variation in the process when tried on different devices.

Auto-Save contacts to Phone or SIM card on your Android:

  1. At the beginning, the individual will need to go to Contacts option.Contacts option
  2. At this specific instance, the user needs to press the Menu key on the device. Afterwards, the Contacts’s menu appears. At this instance, the individual must select More. Press menu button when contacts are opened
  3. Eventually the settings are displayed. Here, the user should go to Settings.Settings displayed
  4. Subsequently, the user should tap on “Save new contacts to” option in the list. Usually, by default this is set to Always ask. The individual should tap on the particular option to change it further.Options in Settings
  5. Thereupon, the “Save contact to” window appears on the user’s screen. Here, the user can choose the specific default location to save the respective contacts to. There are options provided. These include Phone, SIM, and the individual’s Google account.Choose the particular option
  6. At any juncture of time, if the individual wants to change the location where the contacts are saved; the user must repeat the steps presented above.

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