Whatsapp is a popularly acclaimed online messaging app. With it’s growing popularity, but the lack of customization there was a huge demand for an app that could provide the services of Whatsapp with more customizability. This was the inspiration behind the development of Whatsapp+. Whatsapp+ can be downloaded and installed from this article. It features amazing features that the official Whatsapp app doesn’t. The amount of customization in Whatsapp+ is mind boggling. Everything from the contact picture size to font color can be modified in Whatsapp+.

If you are too bored to dwell on the entire feature list you can also simply apply themes for Whatsapp+. However, as Whatsapp+ isn’t an official app it is not available on Google Play. Thus, you cannot receive push notifications of it’s updates. You have to manually update the app. However now Whatsapp+ features an option to auto update the app. From version 2.60 onwards you can set the app to check for updates automatically in a few easy steps.

Note: You Must have Version 2.6 or above to activate this feature.


  1. Open the Whatsapp+ app
  2. Press the menu button and select the “PLUS” option in the menu bar
  3. Scroll Down to Find an option called “Other MODS”, select it.
  4. The first option you’ll see is “Auto-Updates”, tick mark it,
  5. The field below it defines the time interval between checking for updates automatically.
  6. Set the slider bar to 24 hours.Whatsapp+ autoupdate
  7. You have successfully set up Auto Update on Whatsapp+

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