Traditionally iOS users face no problems whatsoever during the time that they launch apps. It is a usual facilitation of the offerings available with respect to lock screen. In such a manner the plethora of Cydia tweaks serve as an advantageous resource for the completion of the specific tasks.

Likewise a new jailbreak tweak named as Axis offers various set of features that are unavailable in other lock screen launchers. The trait of the app involves by the fact that it makes the shortcut to apps appeal much better than the currently existent ones. Additionally the user also possesses several options to select the respective icons that they want. The peculiarity of the app is that the individual can pin 5 apps to the lock screen. Therefore this is a greater facility than dished out from the other tweaks which are currently available.Axis Cydia Tweak

Initially you will have to download and install this specific tweak. Subsequently a new menu will appear in the particularized stock Settings app and the user will be possessed with three elements available at the interface. Furthermore, the “My Axis” section bestows the actual options that can be utilized by the user. Hereafter, there will be several app listed out by Axis. Some of these can either be the already present ones while the others cannot be installed altogether. The list also has the facility to be divided into specific parts of different genres. Moreover, the list will also contain subcategories which can be further divided and respective preference can be allotted upon personalized preference.

The user can make use of the”Add Custom App” option which is available in the subcategory. This particularized option assists the progress in opening the list which contains the various installed apps on the user’s device. Axis is available for a price of $0.99 and can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss. Additionally it is accessible with the help of a Passcode support and can work on iOS 6 and above.

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