Multitasking is an integral aspect of carrying out operations using Smartphones. Performing a plethora of tasks and operations at the same instance of time is an advantageous functionality unparalleled by anything else. iOS provides a decent experience while multitasking on the particularized devices, however a few app releases serve as propitious resources for enhancing this aspect and improve the multitasking experience.

Background Manager is another such functionality which produces the necessary goods and services for employing the multitasking operations on your specific device. This Cydia tweak helps in provisioning out multitasking for all apps and the user also has the facility to change the settings for each of the individualistic apps. Additionally, the apps can be configured accordingly in order to be kept active dependent on the task managing operations that are being performed simultaneously at that crucial juncture of time.
Background Manager

Just after you download and install the specified tweak, a new menu can be viewable in the specified stock Settings app. Here you can view the first option as “Global” that also constitutes a sub menu of the particularized option. Additionally there are further more options available in the Global sub-menu. It is an pre-defined aspect that the tweak is entitled to apply the respective effects on all the apps that are installed on the device. These can include both native and third-party apps.

Check out the functionality of this tweak in a video demo:

You have the facility to select the particularized native option incase you don’t want the tweak to be active on all the apps. This can be done by selecting the native option which is available in the Background Mode present in the sub menu. The user also possesses the facility to select none from here and make the multitasking inactive. This results in the apps being started from the beginning everytime a user opens and closes a specific app over the course of time.

To optimally utilize the tweak the user can select the Background mode. This helps a large way in keeping the apps in the same position as they were initially at the restarting option. Moreover the interface also possesses an “Each app” option, where the individual can configure individual apps separately.

Background Manager is priced at $0.99 & can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Also, it works on iOS 6 and above.

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