In the days gone by we have had a glimpse of How to Backup WhatsApp messages. However, there are users who communicate through the text messaging approaches as well. They might ponder whether they can take a Backup of these text messages. There might be plenty of reasons for thinking on these lines. It might either be the individuals changing their handset or wanting to free some space off their internal memory. While the reasons may continue to surface up, the approach used for taking a Backup for these messages is interpreted in a simple yet effective procedure in the particular article.

SMS Backup

The operation that will be involved in the article ahead is the ability to take the backup of Android SMS/texts onto your Gmail account. This procedure involves an effortless method to perform the course of action with various advantageous prospects. The best part is that the storage is situated online after the backup operation is performed online. Hence, it is dependable, reliable, secure and a trustworthy notion. At any point of time, one can use the Gmail search to instantly find any old message as per need.

Taking Backup of the Messages using SMS Backup +

We are presenting the required completion of our goal by using an application called as SMS Backup +. This app is a dedicated tool that aids in backing up of text messages on to the respective Gmail account. It is available for free on the Play Store and this can be downloaded from here.

Once it is installed, there is “Connect” feasibility that is presented on display just after launching the same. The user needs to tap on the connect option for the app to grant the app permission over your Gmail account.

First screen after the app is launched

Subsequently after the action is taken, the app opens an Android browser. This is facilitated so that the particular individual can grant access to his/her Gmail account.Gmail in Android Web Browser

Once the account has been connected, the user needs to simply press the Backup button.Prompt after Backup option is pressed

This function starts the Backup operation after the button is tapped. After the operation takes place, a new label called SMS in Gmail is created. It is to highlight the saved text threads. Usually, the first backup takes time which depends on the number of messages on the device.

Screenshot depicting the Backup process initiated

The added benefits include the automatic backup procedure that updates Gmail after one receives a new message. This can be restored later by clicking on Restore button on the app to have all the old texts on the user’s respective handset. The backup of multimedia messages is also supported by the application, but these cannot be restored back to the device.

Thus, this application helps us a great deal in the easy and efficient Backup of the text messages.

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