There have been consistent disappointments expressed from various corners on the flak Apple’s new maps have received. However, the only glimmer of light in this doomed situation is at least now Apple can trigger a competition. A assemblage of half baked maps were dished out by the Apple which replaced Google maps in iOS 6 highlighting’s it’s functionality as hardly mature product. The primarily important reason that is noted here is that these maps were produced to grab a strange-hold of the Apple faithful and the loyal descent of this family.

So its a Lost Mapportunity or a tale of unparalleled geographies? Only Time will Tell!

In the process of sticking to basics and aid their course in the rivalry against others, Apple came up with this phenomenal concept of Apple maps. Basically their understanding was “The world is a small place” & hence established maps to endorse this fantastic statement. Courtesy’s attestation on the maps, suddenly altered globular model of earth as viewed by the Apple maps developers is presented below. This is a very insightful view which has been formulated by creative analysis, informative study and relevant geometry. Extensive research was proclaimed with the general consensus that there are no more distances, that we are all just one world. Consequently, efforts were manifested into resourceful distances for the formation of Apple maps.
After this meaningful approach we were given a stamp of approval when we tried to contact the elite team of the developers. One of the paramount enlightening messages were delivered as a result of our inquisitive nature.

The exceptional path that were led to included this particular statement from one of the team members who contributed to the development of this great invention. The following was the statement that served as a propaganda with regard to this creativity. “The world is getting to be such a dangerous place, a man is lucky to get out of it alive”. On that account Apple maps follows the depicted pictorial description.

Recent reports that have presented their arrival emphasize the stories related to the discovery of this wonderful innovation. The date or the year isn’t broadcasted loud to the public, but a suitable understanding of the brainchild is illustrated by some personnel. It is reportedly understood that this idea stems from a under water mining expedition that horribly went wrong with the use of Google maps that can be traced back to previous times.

A report helped us explain the detailed analysis which was exhibitioned out as a result of the failure of the Google Maps. Instead of deserving valuables, gold, treasure beneath the sea the mission force lost its path and eventually reached a barren island from the path suggested as per Google Maps. After succumbing to this situation, a constructive approach was facilitated in the direction of inventiveness and as a result- Enter Apple Maps.

The following are the revolutionary changes that have been visible as a result of the implementation by Apple maps. These stand out as the hallmarks as the appropriate evidences from the exercising of the maps.

  • As recent revelations from our special agency report, several aliens/ unknown entities have been found practicing this grandstand invention from Apple. The consequence of this advertise has been flaunted in the picture below. Courtesy 9GAG, our view has been incorporated in the right direction.

Apple maps

  • Several recitals from tourists regarding the functionality of Apple maps, we are presented with mixed responses varying in regard to maps put to work in real life. Some eye-openers and comments from these family include that Apple has pre-maturely displayed the photos of what & how the the world is going to look like after the 2012 apocalypse.
  • With recent reports coming in, certain archaeologists have been observed to be lost in the wilderness with the maps pressing into service certain directions that clawed their path with doom and despair. When searched for directions for archaeological sites, directions turning to sanctuaries & wild life parks have been displayed.
  • As per the directions & depictions in the maps, certain volunteers have expressed their dashed hopes through pictorial descriptions. They photos below represent the state of the individuals who used these maps and had to evade through such hurdles.

Apple maps - hurdles in path

helpless man using apple maps

  • A group of individuals and another army have planned a collective scuba diving vacation above the way the bridges have been displayed as per Apple maps. Tidings covering these stories are marking their arrival in our messages.
  •  With the map’s constant freezing & the identification problems associated with the same, several fans from the footballing pool have reported that when an individual is trying to route to get to Arsenal. The user is directed directly to Manchester City depicting the confusion with other names/addresses similar to what was searched.

Amid-st these happenings, several other developments have stated their ascension over the course of time. Making the most of these maps, Apple on the other side have found new ways to sue the counterpart organizations who seem to them as potential infringers on their products.

Hence, by navigating and putting into action Apple maps lawyers from their established company have set forth on a mission to sue a fruit grower for stealing their company name. Not only this, it is regarded that the entrance that is put into operation involves a flat glass front and rounded corners. Therefore, a court case will soon be taken up regarding this whole situation.

Courtesy : Fakeship Media

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