Android is all about customization. Once you root your phone and unlock your boot loader it is only a matter of time that you get addicted to flashing ROMs. You tend to keep changing ROMs. I speak of experience. I’ve had 2 android phones and have flashed ROMs at least a 100 times.  However there is a small problem with flashing new ROMs almost daily, which is battery stats of your device getting messed up. This leads to your device reporting wrong status of battery. It reports the wrong battery level.

Battery Calibration

However this problem can be easily fixed by deleting battery stats. Many people have the misconception that deleting the battery stats can increase your battery life. NO, deleting battery life doesn’t increase your devices battery life it just calibrate the battery which corrects any faulty reporting of battery percentage. Since your device was reporting the wrong battery percentage, after calibration it appears that battery life has extended which gave birth to this misconception.


  1. Install this app called Battery calibration from Google Play.
  2. Now drain your battery to 0% till your phone completely switches off.
  3. Now plug your phone to the charger and reboot your device.
  4. Now launch the app you downloaded earlier.
  5. Select the two options : “wait for 100%” and “beep if charged to 100%”.
  6. Now wait for charging to be complete.
  7. After the phone reaches 100% let it charge for extra 20 minutes to ensure that battery is topped up.
  8. Now press on Battery Calibrate button and press allow when superuser prompts to grant root access to this app.
  9. Now you battery has been calibrated.
  10. You may unplug your device and reboot your phone.

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