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Previously, we have seen the announcement that the BlackBerry Messenger was to be available for Android and iOS platforms this summer. For some reasons, the launch of BBM for Android and iOS has been delayed. But BlackBerry has started testing the BBM on other platforms by offering invitations via the sign-up to download the beta version of the BBM. Through the launch of BBM for other platforms, BlackBerry hopes to regain the market share it once had before the entry of it’s iOS and Android counterpart.

Before the release of the BBM on Android and iOS, a short user manual has been released which will guide the users on how to use the BBM on Android and iOS platforms. The BlackBerry users are well and truly aware of all the functionality of the BBM, but Android and iOS users might take some time to get used to it since it is quite different from other messengers like WhatsApp and WeChat.

Going through the user guide, you will notice that almost all the BBM features will be available for the Android and iOS users. The BlackBerry PINs which are associated with each and every BBM user will be seen in Android and iOS as well. Detailed guide on other features such as status update, group chat, block contacts, emoticons, etc. are also given which will make it easier for you.

Although separate user guides are made for Android and iOS platforms, there are hardly any changes between the two which shows that BlackBerry is aiming for a uniform visual experience for both the platforms.

Download the BBM user guide for Android from here.
Download the BBM user guide for iOS from here.

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