Android OS is a groundbreaking Operating System that offers many features that iOS and Blackberry can only dream of. However everything in this world has some limitations and it includes the android OS. The music quality in android pales in comparison to that of an iOS. It is neither very loud nor very clear.

But a few months ago HTC launched two cell phones- HTC Senation XE and XL with beats audio technology. The beats Audio enhancement improves the audio quality and gives out better bass and treble.But it was available in only these two androids.The good news for rooted phones is that they can install the Beats Audio enhancement on their Android phones.This enhancement will not show a pop up of Beats Audio when you connect the headphones but it does improve the audio significantly.Once again, this will not make your headphones blow out but it will make the audio crisp and will give out thicker bass.

beats by Dr. dre

There are some users who would prefer a louder sound.Sony came out with the Xloud enhancement for its Android smartphones and this feature doesn’t improve the sound quality but increases the volume. If you want a louder sound, then you should try the Xloud enhancement.You wont be able to see the Xloud option on settings but you will surely notice the difference in the audio quality.

Below is a simple tutorial by which you can install Beats Audio and Xloud on your android.

DisclaimerUse it at your own risk.The owner of this site is not responsible if your device gets bricked or any hardware damage due to Xloud, as Xloud is optimized for SONY devices.


  1. A rooted android.
  2. Custom recovery like ClockwordMod.(if you do not have a custom recovery this article may help you)
  3. Beats Audio+Xloud zip file.
  1. Download the Beats Audio+Xloud zip file and place it on your sdcard.
  2. Reboot into recovery.
  3. Wipe cache and dalvik cache.
  4. Now select install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard.
  5. Select the zip file downloaded in step 1 and flash it.
  6. Reboot your cell.
  7. If all goes well you will have  Beats Audio and Xloud on your android.

If you wish to install Sony’s walkman player you may refer to this article.

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