Any iDevice is an excellent piece of technology! I mean Apple really knows what the iOS users want, but still there are some modifications you desire after paying a hefty sum for your iDevice. Customization is the only thing that Apple does not(very limited) provide.

What is Cydia?
Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store; It is installed when you jailbreak your iDevice. Cydia can help you customize your iDevice. Cydia is kind of an Appstore where you can get tweaks that will change the very look of your device. Jay Freeman a.k.a ‘Saurik’ developed Cydia. The word ‘Cydia’ means worm which infests iOS with its tweaks!

Cydia Apps

Why you should use Cydia?

  • It’s risk free! Worst case scenario, you can always restore your device back to factory settings!
  • Access Bluetooth, WiFi, Flight mode, etc. from your status bar with just one swipe using SB Setting.
  • Display information such as Emails, SMS, Calendar Events and more directly on your lock screen with IntelliScreen.
  • Customize accessibility using Activator; it lets you select number of actions to performed desired task. Example: Double tap status bar to activate App Switcher which you normally do by tapping Home button twice.
  • Barrel adds various effects to your home screen including 3D Cube effect (personal favorite: ‘Curl And Roll Away’)
  • It would be convenient to access favorite apps via dock, wouldn’t it? Well, it is possible with AppsCenter.
  • Too many icons make your home screen look ugly adding them to one folder hardly helps as it can only hold 12 icons and creating many folders also doesn’t look good. So, here is a tweak if you want to add infinite number of icons to a folder called infiniFolders.
  • Dock has less numbers of icons? Infinidock let you add infinite number of apps to your dock.
  • Zephyr is so far the coolest tweak cydia repository has it let you activate AppSwitcher or go to home screen without touching the home button. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to switch to home screen and hold it in MidAir to activate AppSwitcher. It also has the animation included.
  • Transfer files via Bluetooh with iBluetooth.
  • Winterboard is a theming tweak; Dreamboard completely changes the look and accessibility of your device.

This was just to give you a glimpse of what you can have on your iDevice once you jailbreak it. All of these awesome tweaks are available on Cydia. Jailbreaking your idevice is totally worth it!

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