During the time that applications serve as illustrious elements of our lives, the applicability and use served by them function in a large way towards better utilization of the available benefits on the Smartphone. With the current advancements in technology taking over the older educational teaching methodologies and applicability, the efficiency provided by the innovation of Smartphones aid in a large way towards the successful completion of the intended tasks right at the tip of the hands utilizing the Smartphone apps.

Apps serving as beneficial resources for High School students will help in a great deal as saviours in various situations. Thus as long as newer and better apps get dispatched for the consumers, the ease of use facilitated by these useful entities proportionate a large aspect of the overall scenario. Here, listed below are 3 apps which help the high-school students in a smart way to juggle along with their traditional areas of academics, sports and other events.mobile-apps-

Astrid Tasks/To-do List

The characteristic aspect of this application involves in the facilitation of creation of a perfect to-do list. Therefore, it ends up presenting itself as our personal assistant. The particular individual can organize life scenarios by systematic arrangement of reminders and lists, voice memos etc. This specific content can be accessed easily by syncing the app using Astrid.com. It also helps in coordinating with classmates or work on certain projects by formulating and dividing tasks amongst the people. Also, there is provision provided for sharing these over the email and social networking websites.

The other notable features include adding notes and setting prioritizing them, reminders repetition, and calendar integration amongst several others. However, the outstanding feature of the app involves Voice Recognition, which is responsible for converting the speech into specific task instantly. Thus, eventually it acts as a notable source to save you from typing the notes. So, the user can employ Astrid and never have the concern of missing any another class, assignment, project and the likes and stay methodized.
Astrid Tasks
This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.


An illustrious application which aids the user in accessing the entire study related data right at the tip of your fingers on the iPhone. It is built on the same lines as the notable apps called Dropbox and Box.Net. This famed application also provides free cloud backup which helps the user in syncing the files, share folders. Also, these particularized files can be accessed directly from the Smartphone or other various devices that are synced along with the app. The individual also has the facility to share any of the files or the folders through email. At first, when the user signs up, 5 GB of free online Storage is provided for the user. Thus, SugarSync is a popular app amongst the various users.
This application is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Wolfram Alpha

It is the perfect fit for getting the instant knowledge at the tip of your hands. Once you install this application on your iPhone, you are served the most reliable, accurate information regarding various topics and several other areas for different computation purposes.

The application continuously improves its structural format by updating and adding data and algorithms in reference to a wide range of domains. The areas which are covered under this application include Mathematics, Statistics and data analysis, Physics, Geography, Words, Music, Sciences, Weather and Finance. The individual can utilize this application & compute various answers, generate reports in regard to specific targeted tasks. Thus, these operations can be made functional with respect to assignments, projects or for your homework. The resultant feasibility is somewhat like a multipurpose encyclopaedia completely resident on the Smartphone.

Wolfram Alpha is a paid application and it is available for $2.99. It can be downloaded from here.

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