Using Torrents is a commonplace! Bit-torrent is a familiar word and downloading using torrents is the run-of-the-mill activity. It has become more like the habitual natural phenomenon. When it is so prevalent in our lifestyle, the stroke of luck & the liability to use it on Android smartphones makes it an interesting prospect indeed. The evolution of smart phone into the transitory phase of a pocket computer has headway for several advancements and with the Torrent apps incorporation in the Android market; this progress is gaining popularity when concerned with respect to downloading torrent files.

The functionality exhibited by these applications run similar as they are portrayed by the desktop, laptop analogues. Files can resume downloading if there occurred an interruption in the internet connection previously; also we can maneuver downloading speed, uploading speed along with torrent queuing. The carbon copy feature which is available is that it is possible to search and look for torrents in various search engines that are provided. These include like ExtraTorrent, isoHunt, KickAsstorrents, and Pirate Bay, to name a few.

Let’s pattern oneself upon the various available FREE BitTorrent Client Apps for Android devices:

uTorrent Remote

uTorrent Remote carries the gimmick that it is simple yet effective. The ease of use & the standout functionality is exemplified from this application is that; one can transfer, save, and play Torrent file (a completed file) from desktop/laptop to an Android Smartphone. Its applicability otherwise is to add, remove, start, stop torrents & update torrents from subscriptions. Also advantageous for checking download progress & exhibits clean, sleek, easy to use features from the convenience perspective.

uTorrent Remote Android App

Price: Free

Download uTorrent Remote from Google Play Store: Link


An advantageous App which is serviceable with a integrated search bar for finding the latest torrent files. Its instrumental with magnet links supports, parallel downloading, and partial downloading right to the phone or tablet. Torrents can be opened right from a browser, added & then folder must be chosen. The favorable and fruitful proposition is that aTorrent provides its users with a smart option. The facility is that users are allowed to download only when power is connected, hence saves battery power. The salutary task of limiting downloads to WiFi is just what the doctor ordered.

aTorrent Android App

Price: Free

Download aTorrent from Google Play Store: Link

tTorrent Lite

This suitable application containing ample features and packed with innumerable functionalities, is very helpful for aiding our aim of downloading. This is beneficial in multiple torrent downloading, queuing torrents, creating torrents, web browser integration, and supports magnet links downloads, IP filtering support, RSS support, UPnP and NAT-PMP support and much more instrumental in defining its usage. Also, we can limit upload or download speed. Its appearance is compact, clean, user friendly with the displaying of 3 tabs namely ‘All’, ‘Downloading’ and ‘Completed’. Also contains Tabs for Search, Open from Memory and other RSS subscriptions presented at the very beginning.

tTorrent Android App

There is also effectual service available if we want to translate the App into one’s language. Head here for more details.

Price: Free

Download tTorrent Lite from Google Play Store: Link


A productive application presented with a simplistic UI which pragmatically promotes faster downloading & browsing. Also sustained for sorted tabs like Open, Downloaded, Downloading, Search, RSS Subscriptions, Settings and Switch off app. The mission of moving Apps back to phone and adding SD card to torrent directories can also be marked out under this app. It also controls maximum speed, upload speed & the maximum connections for torrents. Additionally it can also work as an HTTP downloader.

aDownloader Android App

Price: Free

Download aDownloader from Google Play Store: Link

Rutracker Downloader

The finest and the superlative positives about this App include the download & the upload limit, directory can be set saved and also search for various torrent sites is provided. Additionally web browser integration, ability to set peer limits & managing storage space provisioned by this application. To remove the Ads completely, Rutracker Downloader Donate patch is available in the Play Store. Predominantly, an App focused for pirates as it provides options for downloading movies and music from various BitTorrent sites. The convenience stems from the fact that Rutracker is ministered as a BitTorrent client for Android.

Rutracker Downloader Android App

Price: Free

Download Rutracker Downloader from Google Play Store: Link

Other notable Torrent downloading Client Apps for Android include : Transdroid, EZTVDroid, Torrent-fu, aBTC, Swarm, FrostWire, AndTorrent, dTor, Red Torrent Lite, aTor, Bit Torrent Beta.

Let us know your favorite one!

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