As Smartphones continue to become integral components in our lifestyle, the ease of use facilitated by these devices keeps ascending as we move forward in time. Along these lines, as phone evolve and functionalities get eased out for the users, the way of working becomes profitable during the time that apps serve as efficient proportionalities for performing tasks. Traditionally, it is a common aspect to associate paper work with any business and these operations prove a tedious task over the course of time. However employing certain apps can get rid out such an aspect and also opportune the overall business related process. This is done by apps which can be an efficient source for doing the necessitated productive work. Hence these turn useful for the small business owners. apple-iphone-apps

The following are the apps listed in no particular order:-

Google Drive:

Another app that serves the functionality of storing, managing important documents, papers, presentations is the Google Drive. The application serves as a superior replacement over the old fashioned management of papers, files in the office cabinet. The facility of cloud storage is a fantastic aspect for storing as well as sharing businesses. In comparison to Dropbox, Google Drive offers plentiful storage options (5GB free -16TB $799.99). The most amazing part is that the specific documents can be viewed offline as well. Additionally, the user can edit or create Google documents or spreadsheets. This is an ideal fit for the small businesses.

The application is available for free and can be downloaded from here.Google Drive


The peculiarity of this application lies in the fact that it prepares a create to-do lists for individuals. Now, these people can include that particular person or his employees or other groups at workplace. Thus it helps in proper orientation of the list of tasks and keeps the user on track with the existent schedule. Additionally, there is a beneficial feasibility available for the users. This is in the form of the cloud sync provided for the users once the particular tasks get completed. Therefore, the user won’t have to worry during the time that the list doesn’t get updated.

The application is available for free and can be downloaded from here.Producteev


The advantageous aspect of the application involves that it can securely process the customer’s credit card payments directly onto your iPhone. Hence it is a reliable facility which functions in order to securely accept and track credit card payments. Thereupon the updation of the transactions involved is done swiftly and the user can easily receive funds from any bank account as desired on the choice made. Another beneficial utility provided by the application involves that it can dish out the transaction summary of the particular day for the user. Thus this helps in better understanding of the business behavioral characteristics day by day.

The app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.Go Payment

Polaris Office:

The main purpose of employing this application involves that the user can create and edit Microsoft Office documents apart from the traditional functionalities of reading and viewing them. Also, the user can view and update the business’s sales numbers in Excel and also incorporate changes in the PowerPoint presentation. It is a perfect fit as an alternative for the MS Office.

Polaris Office is a paid application and it can be downloaded from here.Polaris Office


During the time that one indulges in business related assignments or in scenarios, at that point of time there will be paper associated in the current time frame. This can include business agreements or other documents, contracts and important paper work. The beneficial approach involves in taking signatures on the go without worrying on the taxing job of paper work. The document can be imported into the app, the user can deliver the necessary signature and eventually this can be sent further to the appropriate location. Also, the app supports file types in the form of PDF, Word, Office, Text, Open Office, HTML.

The app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.


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